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‘Your game is over’, Maryam tells Imran at Gujrat power show


Dec 14, 2009
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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice-President Maryam Nawaz mocked former prime minister Imran Khan, comparing him to a “spoiled child”.

“He [Imran] has been raising a hue and cry nowadays for being ousted from power,” she said while addressing party supporters gathered in Gujrat’s Kotla area.

The PML-N leader told the deposed premier that his “game is over” and the PML-N is now in-charge of the affairs.

“As his Lettergate theory failed, he resorted to a new narrative, saying his life is in danger,” she added.

The PML-N leader accused the former premier of resorting to such tactics to avoid presenting a report card to the people over his performance. It is simply because, she added, he has no performance to put before the masses.

On the alleged threats to Imran’s life, she said: “We don’t want you to die, we want you to live to see Nawaz Sharif’s progress."

At the same time, Maryam asked Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to find the video Imran is talking about to confirm the claims and provide ample security to the former premier.

She also took Imran to task for his criticism of the government over rising inflation and other issues. “If he wants to put the blame for his four-year lack of performance on us, we won’t let that happen.”

In fact, by doing so, she added, Imran Khan is presenting a charge-sheet against himself.

Maryam also mocked the PTI chief for saying he had blocked the cellphone numbers of those representing the establishment, saying: “I am certain that they have blocked your mobile number and you are now the wrong number in the eyes of the masses.”

Talking about the PTI’s foremost demand of holding early elections, she said: “Now elections will be held when our leader [Nawaz Sharif] will let us know from London.”

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Addressing the massive rally, Hamza Shehbaz said, “If Imran is let loose with his rant, he will undermine Pakistan’s peace.”

The Punjab chief minister opined that the deposed premier deprived people of their jobs and is now bringing a bad name to the country with his unfounded claims of a ‘foreign conspiracy’.

On the occasion, Hamza – son of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif – vowed to bring down prices of commodities in the province, especially those of edible items.

Hamza vowed to bring immense progress to Kotla, build roads as well as upgrade the educational status of the area.

According to the party's Twitter handle, Hamza also visited the Aziz Bhatti Teaching Hospital soon after he arrived in Gujrat.

On May 11, while addressing a rally in Swabi, Maryam lambasted former prime minister Imran Khan for crying foul and claiming he was ousted through a “foreign conspiracy”.

She maintained the stance that the PTI chief was not the subject of any conspiracy but that his own MNAs and MPAs had cast a no-trust vote against him.

On the same day, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif along with a 10-member delegation of PML-N’s senior leadership met Nawaz in London to seek his counsel for overcoming the ongoing political, economic and constitutional crisis in the country.

In the meeting chaired by three-time ex-PM, briefings were given on the prevailing crisis and consultations were held on various proposals for taking the country out of the dire straits and dealing with the violators of the Constitution.
Sure Aunty jee, by the way your so called packed jalsa picture reminds me of this meme



Jun 2, 2012
United States
I have seen pictures and videos of this Jalsa, easily 100,000 people and roaring like lions.

Niazi have lost the plot, he is losing popularity day by day due to his stupid statements.
But why is PMLN doing jalsa? Never seen a govt doing rallies right after coming to power?


Sep 12, 2010
Yes bro, it's crazy. Punjab is still in crisis. I mean without a fully functional government. It has never happened before. A governor has never acted so recklessly (and apparently in violation of constitution) as this political joker who was, BTW, abruptly appointed as Governor Punjab by IK just because the then serving governor refused to take the desired unconstitutional steps. Anyhow, the current governor has refused to give oath to Punjab cabinet despite the orders of the highest provincial court. The PM's summary to remove governor Punjab was held by another political worker who is sitting president's chair. That is another violation of constitution.

PTI is shamelessly violating the constitution in the name of playing to the last ball. That is reckless behavior. They need to follow the rules. Once removed in a due democratic/constitutional process, IK should have accepted it. But he is really missing dignity, self-respect, and sportsmanship (and that is real shameful and deep disgrace for former captain). Had our economy been in a better shape, all these individuals should have been prosecuted for intentionally violating the constitution.

Has a cabinet even been announced? I must have missed that.

As for all the unconstitutional matters, once you break a law, you cannot expect the other party to still play by the rules. Is hamam main sab hi nangay hain.

Indus Pakistan

May 7, 2012
United Kingdom
I m more amazed and people who are still supporting these scums.
It's about patronage. PMLN have had 40 years in Punjab to plant and grow thier poisonous seeds. By now they have filled the bureaucracy, police and used the vast monies from corruption to establish a army of political workers. This entire ecosystem is not about delivery about about being fed and in turn keeping the Sharif, children of Sharifs, grandchildren of Sharifs in power. Punjab is just a personal jagir for them.

The same pattern is repeated in Sindh where PPP have their royal house the Bhutto-Zardaris reigning over their slaves.

To call this a demoracy is a insult to persons intelligence. How the fcuk if this is demoracy that all figures either get shot of the royal testicles or royal wombs? This is nothing but sexually transmitted democracy.

Just consider the joke on Pakistan. Bilawal has zero political or any other achievement to his credit but is installed because of he is son of Benezir, who in turn had no right to high office but claim waas based on the fact that she was daughter of Bhutto. So Pakistan is reduced to being run by sons, grandsons, daughters, grandaughters of these royal houses.

Just sickening .... !

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