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Yemen crisis on PM’s agenda during visit to Turkey

Devil Soul

Jun 28, 2010
Yemen crisis on PM’s agenda during visit to Turkey
April 02, 2015, 2:30 pm
Islamabad- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will leave for a short trip to Turkey on Friday, to discuss the Yemen Crisis.
According to media reports, besides sending high level delegation to Saudi Arabia for talks on the issue, the Prime Minister is likely to visit Islamic countries to evolve consensus.
On the first leg of such tours, PM will be undertaking a short trip to Turkey to discuss the Yemen and Middle East crisis, with Turkish president.
The Prime Minister has also taken measures to take on board political and military leadership, to devise a joint national strategy, to steer the Muslim Ummah from this crisis.
As for Pakistanis stranded in Yemen, the Prime Minister has directed the concerned authorities to ensure their safe and early return. For this purpose, both air and sea routes are being utilized.
A number of Pakistanis have already been airlifted from Al Hudaydah, while four naval vessels have been deputed to ferry the remaining Pakistanis. Chinese Navy has also been engaged for the safe return of stranded Pakistanis from Yemen.

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