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World’s largest robot manufacturing facility in Noida, India to be set up by Reliance-Funded Robotics Firm Addverb Technologies


Sep 20, 2014
Addverb Technologies, after bagging funding worth $132 million from Reliance Industries is setting up a new manufacturing facility in Noida intending to disrupt manufacturing technology in India through highly innovative manufacturing practices wherein robots and co-bots will collaborate with humans to deliver the robots of tomorrow.

To be designed in a highly flexible manner, the manufacturing capacity at the facility can be scaled up to 10 times to manufacture only a particular type of robot. This will complement Bot-Valley, Addverb’s existing assembly manufacturing facility based out of Noida.

“This brand-new facility will make Addverb a giant robot manufacturer on global fronts, by delivering cutting edge software and robust hardware systems, along with a mix of innovative fixed and flexible automation solutions.”

Reliance-backed Addverb to build largest robot manufacturing unit in Noida​

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) invested 132 million USD in Addverb technologies, an indigenous robotics firm, for the construction of the world's largest robot manufacturing unit in Uttar Pradesh's Noida. After the company's expansion in Singapore, Australia, USA and Europe, Reliance has invested in the biggest ever robot manufacturing unit in India.

"The upcoming factory will be ten times bigger than the existing unit in Noida. It will provide job opportunities for thousands of people. The factory will be built across 60,000 square metres of area with a production capacity of over 60,000 robots every year," said Sangeet Kumar, founder and CEO, Addverb Technologies, Noida.

Under the 'Make In India' technology, the company has started manufacturing automation robots for factories, warehouses and other large facilities.


"We have been successfully selling robots to foreign countries like Australia, Singapore, the USA and European countries. This is a result of the hard work of the team. Robotics is the future and India will soon lead the sector," Kumar added.

The warehouse robotics market is expected to grow from 4.7 billion USD in 2021 to 9.1 billion USD in 2026. Noida will become the largest robotics center in entire southeast Asia with this new factory.

In the past, Addverb has provided warehouse automation solutions to e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon and other companies such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Marico, Dabur, ITC and Patanjali.



Oct 17, 2018
United States
United States
Fake news. $132 million won't buy you the world's largest robotic manufacturing facility. You would need to spend at least 10 times that amount to even match a similar Chinese facility, and China has dozens of them.

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