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Winner of Poster of the year contest| 2016


Sep 16, 2013
United Arab Emirates
Congrats to u also...quite successful campaign by you to support him...the competition is not for tag but please campaign it...u r quite successful in that type of campaigns.

RE-READ my 1st post on this thread.
There was certain amount of sarcasm in it, which obviously whooshed over you.
I had meant that I was accused of campaigning for a guy. But frankly I wasnt aware of the rule. And why would I campaign for PARIKRAMA who is in no way related to me.
I don't even get paid for promoting lolzz...let me tell you I am a shrewd business-person,I don't work for gratis. :lol:
So give me one good reason why I would campaign for a some random member on Internet??
Let me tell you another reason why such a campaign would not have worked- the members on this forum are very opiniated, they are hard to be influenced.
And the selection committee's decision comes above anything else.

I do not share any kind of comadrie with anyone, on or beyond the forum. I might have a few acquaintances but that's about it.
I congratulate the stranger who won the competition, and other strangers who participated. I enjoyed reading all the articles. I will remember Parikrama's article as info-overload and @Daneshmand 's, as the one seasoned with enough salt and pepper. Being sarcastically funny is definitely an art. I just sneezed. Aaachooo! :lol:

Wishing everyone all the best.


@OverLoad bro, whoever you are, no hard feelings. :tup:

Poster is not promoted on basis of campaign. They were just meant for fun. Marks are given on basis of over all reputation and content of post.

Thank you.
I am sorry for all the controversy created. If not for my stupidity, you would not have been pulled into this.

All the best to your team.


Nov 30, 2013
more than a campaign...I can't tell u .. @Gufi Sir write a story that very well tell the story..

Muslim empires destroyed because of this fitna ... yeh tou bas aik forum competition tha...
Please don't call me Bhai... I am nit ur Bhai....the ladies deserve @Moonlight @Shamain @Akheilos @Spring Onion they r my sisters the lady like u don't deserve that title...


Final count down
One reason U r biased Indian I know one lady same like u working in UAE Poornima Niar same like u...it is in genes what u do aapki ghalti nahien hey every one kknows that what u did even @Slav Defence ...
I don't like some one spread her l....s for me to get wining title...if @PARIKRAMA OK with it then...OK
Koi Sharm hoti hai koi haya hoti hai....
@Manticore @HRK n others,,,,well guys,,,have a look at this third rate poster

Stop being a sore loser.
Pandey,,,i'm on mobile,,,will u be so kind to copy my post quoting all tht trash n put it up on the relevent harasement thread.got to know if one can get away by making such remarks n later conveniently deleting them.
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