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Will not allow anti-India activities: Bangladesh


Oct 7, 2007
Will not allow anti-India activities: Bangladesh

Dhaka (PTI): Responding to New Delhi's concerns, Bangladesh on Monday gave a commitment of not allowing its territory to be used for anti-India activities as the two countries discussed a proposal for setting up a regional task force to tackle the menace.

Reaching out to the new government in Dhaka, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee held talks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Minister Dipu Moni and Home Minister Sahara Katun and conveyed concerns with regard to North-East insurgents and other terrorist elements using Bangladesh for launching attacks in India.

Describing extremism and terrorism as areas of concern for India as well as Bangladesh, Mukherjee underlined the need for sincere cooperation for the benefit of both the nations.

"Closer cooperation on security issues is the need of the hour. We should move to address such issues with the understanding that both our countries will benefit in the long run," he said at a joint press conference with Moni.

Responding to India's concerns over use of Bangladesh territory by North East insurgents, Moni said the Hasina government had a firm stand against "letting anyone, whoever it is from whichever country, having whatever links with anyone to use our territory to harm any one in the region or anywhere else."

"If we have concrete information we would be vigilant about this and if they have any information regarding this, we will act on it," the Bangladesh Foreign Minister said after talks with Mukherjee, which marked the first high-level political contact since the new government assumed office on January 6.

New Delhi has been conveying concern over use of Bangladeshi soil by North East insurgents and other terrorists for launching attacks in India but the response from Dhaka was not encouraging. With the new government assuming office, India is hopeful that the issue would be addressed.

Mukherjee and Moni discussed a proposal of Bangladesh for setting up a regional task for fight against terrorism.

However, Mukherjee made it clear that any such mechanism would be futile until there is sincerity on part of the member countries in taking action against terrorism.

"So far as the concept of regional task force to fight terrorism is concerned, already certain regional and international mechanisms exist. All of us are part of UN Security Council resolution....to ban terrorist organisations," he said.

"There is no conflict between the regional architecture and within the regional architecture, the bilateral architecture. What is more important is the sincerity to fight against the menace of terrorism".

"Architecture or framework does not stand in the way of fighting against terrorism," Mukherjee said responding to a question on how effective the regional framework can be when India is blaming Pakistan for the Mumbai terror attacks.

"But if there is inability, incapability or unwillingness to tackle the problem and fight against terrorism as a global issue, then the problem comes," he said.

The two sides also discussed ways to step up their cooperation in various other fields, particularly trade and investment and connectivity.

Mukherjee and Bangladesh Industry Minister Dilip Barua inked A Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement which is expected to help a large number of Indian firms working on various turnkey projects here.

The Indian Minister and Bangladesh Commerce Minister Mohammad Farukh Khan also signed a Trade Agreement to further boost bilateral commerce.

Mukherjee said he was aware of the trade imbalances between the two countries and the two sides would soon convene a meeting of the Joint Commission to discuss the matter and set targets for the future.

The External Affairs Minister wrapped up his day-long visit with a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during which he told her that India looked forward to closely working with the new government in Bangladesh.
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Oct 18, 2006
Pro-India Bangladeshi PM Hassina Wajid few days back proposed formation of South Asia ANTI-TERROR FORCE to Richard Boucher and he approved it.
Now its realy amazing why madam Hassina wants Indian troops on Bangladeshi soil. It will be a big blunder to invite the dragon yourself which will be difficult for Bangladeshis to push back.


Oct 23, 2006
No Munshi, they are only making you sick to the stomach, because you are blind in your hatred of India.

In others view, it is a general friendly statement by a neighbouring country that has said it will not allow anti-India activities on its soil. Just as India has said, India will not allow anti-BD activities on her soil.

Or do you want BD to allow her land to be used for anti-India activities?


Dec 10, 2008
These servile statements by the AL government are making Bangladeshis sick to the stomach.

I can understand why you say this Mr. Munshi.
These statements also resemble a sense of fear by the Bangladeshi leadership for India or any possible sanction or retaliation incase BD was caught up or named in terrorist activities in India.
BD won't have much to defend itself if India decides to jump in because our wanna-be superpower thinks it's necessary.
BD needs to monitor its ties with India and see how far both nations can go with eachother, because relationships with India come with a limit, and BD as the smaller nation must realize that she needs to draw the lines somewhere or else it might have negative consequenses for any future prospects.


Nov 20, 2008
lets hope there is some walk to the talk

Also how is it that when Bangladesh's PM says it wont let Bangladesh be used for terrorist activities, it is a cause of frustration for Barrister MBI Munshi, educated in the UK

But at the same time when somebody on the forum posts a quote saying Pakistan won't let it soil be used for terrorist operations against India the same Barrister MBI Munshi, educated in the UK, can be seen posting congratulatory posts and then adding this will teach RAW a lesson, indicating tht it is R&AW which was launching the operations into India from Pakistan :crazy:

Or do you want BD to allow her land to be used for anti-India activities?
these are the stuff Barrister MBI Munshi's, educated in the UK, dreams are made up of

Alas his dreams and aspiration [reunification of Bangladesh with Pakistan] will remain confined within the posts of this forums, where he recieves continual boost to his ego from the many pimply-faced 15-yr old-types posting here

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