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Will balkanisation of India happen?


May 29, 2012
United Kingdom
Between balance of probabilities I woiuld say marginally in favour of "Yes". The maximum danger of Balkanization is yet to come in India whereas Pakistan has almost weathered the storm. The problem begins to take hold when the lower 25% of population claw out of abject poverty - both in economic and sociological terms. Meaning when the lower 25% have food in their stomachs and heir minds are freed from the tradition that held their generations in mental servitude.

The tradition that held them in servitide for generations could be feudalism, religious myths [this could be Christian, Muslim or Hindu etc]. As a society develops at some point the bottom 25% begin looking beyond hunger and traditional order begins to decay as increased urbanization takes place. This creates state of flux. This flux is composed of massive number of poor in urban areas who are discontented and open to any radical movement offering a new order.

Europe went through this during 17th-19th centuries leading to wars, civil wars, revolutions which broke the old empires creating plethora of new nation states. It took more wars to finally bring a a new order of peace post WW2.

Think about this. The British ruled all of present day India, Bangladesh, Burma, Pakistan with a few thousand officials? How was that possible? Don't forget the British Raj lasted over 150 years or twice longer than present day India or Pakistan. The reason was a indolent, oppressed natives. And to be sure they had been oppressed well before the first gora sahib showed up. Had they not been so you think few gora sahibs could have conquered such a entire continent? They did so because majority wa sleeping under the twin evils of poverty and local myths.

In 2020 as urbanization is taking hold in India [Pakistan is far ahead of India in urbanization] the traditional order that is kept 100s of millions of Indians sedated is breaking down. This will lead to release of huge energy. In Pakistan this was harvested by the far right religious groups [TLP, JI etc] and in India this is being harvested by far right Hindutwa.

However as we move forward there is possibility of secular groups, either clustered around language, regional or socialist movements to take root. When the horizontal division [caste etc] breaks down there is a possibility of regional nationalist movements [vertical] to take root like Tamil, Sikh etc taking root.

To offset that the India state could successfully integrate these forces into a wider co-prosperity zone of united India. This has worked nicely so far with Sikhs who have been bought out by massive advantage via higher share in military, agriculture etc. How well India can deal with the far larger populations across India is to be seen.

We must keep in mind India is purely a British construct. Large political units only existed in South Asia because of 'foreign invaders'. We have to go back to Ashoka's time to see any real desi super-state. Rest of the time South Asia resembled Europe. Loads of states.

So never say never. I saw the sudden collapse of Soviet Union. Or Yugoslavia etc. To be sure India faces lot of uncertainity over the next 50 years as the old oder gives to the new.

India is a diverse place

It's needs a common Indian identity

It needs common understanding, bonding, friendship amongst it's population

It's needs a state/government that treats it's population equally

ALL of these things are falling apart for India

They have allowed hindutva extremism to come to the fore

They have allowed hindutva to overtake a common Indian nationalism for all with a narrow hindutva nationalism that excludes hundreds of millions

They have allowed hindutva extremism to spread poison and hatred amongst their population

Go onto ANY Indian media site check out the comments from common Indians FULL TO THE BRIM with incredible hatred for each other
It makes sense for them to hate Pakistani but so what we hate them more.
But they have vitriolic hate for each other especially against Indian Muslims and Indian Muslims are finally waking up

They have a notion that they will make a Hindu state, inact laws like love jihad laws that in reality are made just to harass couples where a Muslim man has married a Hindu woman then force hundreds of millions of people to live in such a biased and poisonous state.

India is becoming untenable, it's that simple

The weird thing is Indians, even hindutva Indians can't see the obvious and think they can just force people into a false unity


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Balkanisation of India is underway as we speak, courtesy China and Pakistan. How long will it take also depends on how long Modi and BJP stay in power, alot has been written here on this topic.


Indus Pakistan

May 7, 2012
United Kingdom
Indian Muslims and Indian Muslims
If you think Indian Muslims are going to unravel India then you will be waiting for a thousand years because they ae not going to do jackshit. They only can show muscle when hiding under Sindhi Ajraks.

Hindutwa is in fact a force for unity as much as Islamism is force for unity in Pakistan. Indian's are merely trying to replicate the failed project of using religion to bolster and define national identity.

The threat to India will come from ethnic or regional based groups. For example Tamils. I would say Sikhs but they have been bought out by the Indian state. You hardly think all those Sikhs in the Indian Army could be employed by a Khalista Army?


Nov 11, 2015
Are you dyslexic or didnt go to school at all? The country is called Pakistan
Who knows what will happen in the future ? Pakistan or the USA or China or any other country might look different, balkanized
Yeah US, China and Pakistan can be balakanized but this can't happen to India because you said so. Very sound logic you got there.


Nov 29, 2020
I don't see any separatism in India except for some area in Kashmir and north-eastern parts like Nagaland. Even if a plebiscite is held in other areas every year for 500 years, most will vote to stay united.

British rule and the decades after it, things have changed at a very fundamental level.

I see 99.99% of people standing up attention when national anthem is played in theaters

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