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Why to apologize to Bangladesh on 1971 war?



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Mar 13, 2012
In recent years Bangladesh govt has asked Pakistan govt for apology on war crime of 1971, a number of times. In recently held D-8 conference Bangladesh govt again show their attitude by sending only an adviser and foreign secretary instead of any prominent political official. Current Bangla Govt claimed that three million people were killed by Pakistan army in conflict and thousands of women were raped.
But the neutral sources show that it’s an exaggerated figure against Pakistan army, in addition to this Bangladesh govt has never mention the crimes done by Mukhti-Bahni against Pakistani and local Bengali who were against separation.
There is not direct or any clear proof of brutal stories of Pakistan army which are propagandized by Bangladeshi government .During the war It may be some of the cruel acts done by Pakistani army personnel against Bengali, which can be said as an individual acts or the acts that may happened in war in perturbation (they are very small in number). Most of the acts i.e killing and kidnapping were done by the members of “Albadr” at one side and by Mukhti Bahni on the other side. Now a day, a senior leader of Jamat-e-Islami Bangladesh “Mir Qasim Ali” is imprisoned on the charge of being the leader of Al-bard in 1971, Six other leaders of Jamat-e-Islami are also imprisoned in same case. Although it may be supposed that they all were in good books of Pakistan army yet they all were Bengali not the personnel of Pakistan army. on the other side Mukti-Bahni (also bengalis ) done the same crime against Pakistanis.

Short while ago, two books have been published on this issue one is "Dead Reckoning" by Sarmila Bose and 2nd one is "Women, War and the making of Bangladesh" by Yasmin Saikia.
In “Dead Reckoning” Sharmila has clearly point out a number of false incident, the happening of which always be blamed to Pakistan army. She also interviewed a number of victimized Bengla families whose family members were killed, kidnapped or raped in war. Through interview they clear that it was not Pakistani soldiers but the Bengali of “Albadr” who killed and kidnapped their family member. On the other hand “Yasmin Saikia” has made it clear that member of Mukhti-Bahni were also equally involved in raping and killing.
so we can say that it was a war in between those Bengalis, who did not want separation" and the Bengali, who wanted separation", one group were supported by Pakistan(while Sharmila Boss said in her book that the group “Al-badar” were favouring Pakistani army i.e not Pakistan army was favouring Al-badr) and other by India, every stake holder play its role equally then why criticism only on Pakistan and why we all Pakistani has accept it that we were the invaders (silence is a form of acceptance). We were not invaders it was Indian who were invader, huge killing and turmoil happened because of Indian invasion.

Sharmila Bose is an indian bengali Hindu and Yasmin Saikia is also of Indian Origin so no one can blame them to be the agents of ISI or Pakistani govt. both of them done their work after great research.
Here question arises that is the war of independence give right to the freedom-fighter to do brutal acts against the unarmed civilians of ruling class/nation?? And their crimes shall be considered as the defensive acts??? It was our internal issue but when India start supplying weapons , training and support to local Bengali and lastly attack by its army, all these crimes happened because of this, now when Pakistan support Kashmaries on the same line then why Indian start weeping? And lastly why the scholars, anchors or all other government representative are totally speak-less on Bengali Propaganda. Pakistanis are bearing already a lot of criticism from all over the world; on the other side our cricket team is already decreasing our moral by losing matches against India again and again. speaklessness of our sagacious is really criminal carelessness about Pakistan related international affairs or maybe we all are too much entrap in our domestic issues and we are not in a position to speak loudly to any other nation.
Here I am going to paste some of cut piece about the book of “Sarmila Bose”

She describe a number of cases/happening which were blamed to Pakistan army but was actually done by Bengali against Pakistanis.

Sharmila rightly point out the strategy of the study of war crime of 1971 as..........

So to seek apology is not one sided it’s a two sided issue, Bengali should also say us apology not only for war crimes but for false propaganda also, as well as Bangladesh should treat with Pakistani who are still living in Bangladesh like human which are still living in camps in Bangladesh and be treated as “Achoot” .

here see the comments of a BBC journalist on Sharmila's book



Jan 14, 2012
This topic has been discussed to death.
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Sep 23, 2012
Hmm interesting article. Can you provide the source? Or is it a personal post that you yourself wrote?


Sep 23, 2012
Apparently a lot of academic people have criticized Sarmila Bose for, I quote:
A number of researchers have shown inaccuracies in the work, including flawed methodology of statistical analysis, misrepresentation of referenced sources, and disproportionate weight to Pakistan army testimonies.
Sarmila Bose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I however, dont claim to know much about this topic, and will wait for input from the more learned members :pop:


Mar 30, 2011
Well Sharmila Bose's opinion is well known but vast majority of analysts from Bangladesh and India and world wide think otherwise.
Just pickup a link of time magazine of that time. There was an article "Even the skies weep". America, was then an enemy of India and brought several UN resolutions to condemn India and was completely against Bangladesh. Hence, TIME magazine article isin't propaganda.
But there is no point blaming the people of Pakistan because they were kept in dark by a state controlled media.

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