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Why the TTP is undefeatable


Dec 17, 2014
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I would say you're both right in your own respective ways.

Pakistan must focus on the economic woes and providing opportunities and developments to the locals.

But did you know TTP runs a podcast where it talks about the Pakistani state and the laws etc, and even does Twitter space talks. They use those talking points he mentioned above and they provide the perfect recruitment mechanism.

Even the average Muslim in the west will not support such acts and bro pakistan is extreme on another level especially if you consider the tribal areas, they will buy into the TTP's ideology easily

What was the state of the TTP narrative during the PTI government, pre and post Aug’21 fall of Kabul? If the Pakistani I state is strong and its democracy stable and unified, it will have the space to deal with each tribes in a focused manner and tailored manner. The Pakistani state has the potential to use its carrot and sticks to counter their narrative if support from outside Pakistan is stopped for these groups. Hence, internal political and economic stability as well as stable and developing relations on the basis of economics and shared regional transit trade interests with the Afghans is crucial.

I pose these question, If smugglers have to go straight, what incentives or opportunities can be given to have them transition to legal professions? What would be the incentives of opportunities that be offered to each of the tribes, to allow smugglers to use their territory?

One option is the timber industry and being paid to plant trees. Planting trees at high elevations mitigate flooding down stream from rivers that could overflow their banks. Another is the full value added chain of the gem industry. A third option is value added mining based industries, from within Pakistan and from Afghanistan (which may not attract funding for value added mining). With Pakistan able to invest orders of magnitude more than the TTP, it’s political and economic will that is inhibiting implanting these solutions.

In my opinion we need to implement two things from Germany; each region of Pakistan needs to be a fully capable of implementing good governance and social services so the hard work of people can benefit them in proportion to their effort, (when Germany industrialized each region had be previously a full country, capable of all levels of governance and services. Therefore, each region of Pakistan needs to be self sufficient in administrative and social services, to pave the way for giving the people of each region opportunities. This is even more important, because many people may not be willing to work in facilities of a neighboring area)

secondly we need good schools for each and every child (and adult looking to get educated or retrained in a new profession), but not all universities, but a mix of universities and technical train schools, with programs to help people seek education and even employment abroad. From here people need to be able to apply for work in any part of the country. Integration of laborers from each part of the country in to at least a reserved percentage of every other part of the country on merit will go along way in providing opportunities and a strake in the country for each citizen.

But all this is only possible if we raise enough taxes (from taxing property of people with land or housing above a certain amount, as well as implant land reforms) to spend on social programs, health care and education, as well as a robust police force. Overall, It’s more about carrots than sticks.
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Jul 23, 2021
Where did I imply that he shouldn't?

Banning LGBT endorsement, etc, is not radical right, especially not in Pakistan.
It isnt radical right at all. But that doesnt mean we change our laws in an attempt to counter the narrative of some retards


Dec 21, 2021
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
It isnt radical right at all. But that doesnt mean we change our laws in an attempt to counter the narrative of some retards
I wouldn't say some, I'd say the vast majority would not support such laws.

If the vast majority are against such laws, it creates a soft image of such groups or allows sympathy to be created for them
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