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Why Saudi Arabia and Iran are desperately trying to court Imran Khan


Nov 11, 2016
Please read the article word by word and shame your media that refuses to accept the change that happened in Pakistan ........... first thing.

Second ......... read again with full concentration .......... and tell your countrymen how impossible it is to isolate and ignore Pakistan. (funnily you consider Pakistan your own protector and still refuse to talk like children)

Third ......... the day Muslim world and Muslims accept the true and correct Islamic history ...... justifications for this ridiculous some 1000 years old religious division (which happens to be strictly in contradiction with Islam itself) would vanish. The day we successfully abolish Priesthood, fatwa shops, and personality worship ....... we will be back on track. And this is not me only, this same thing (to some extent) to revisit and correct the history was said by Muslim League founder Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah who happened to be Agha Khan III.

And to be really honest in conveying my thoughts ......... sunni shia etc..... all of them have been and are still following persian propaganda as their religion for too long. It is now useless to say this again that the people who wrote narrations and traditions for sunni were the same people writing it separately for shia.

The key messages I was pointing out to you were "political" and "Persia asserting itself".

Only, Persia is not just asserting itself today.

It started the day after it fell.

Cheers, Doc

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