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Why India is in Big Trouble!

Surya 1

Aug 6, 2016
People on PDF have no idea how big India is.

You will get lost in the bus stand or train stations of middle tyre city among the sea of people.

And after the Mumbai attack and especially after BJP coming up in power, more over after cheap availability of internet where history is read free from govt balalcvcing and social media where Hindutva is discussed , anything Pakistan is seen in genocide terms.

Also war isn't cricket where it 11 players of Pakistan Vs 11 players of India

In the war it'll be at least 100 crs Indians at peak pakistsan hatred Vs 22 cr Pakistanis who ofcourse hate India. Result is annihilation of losing side.
Wishful thinking. These cheer leaders were Cheering for Bidden, than for their new masters China and now for Taliban. They don't know that India can purchase them by throwing few dollars to them or Kick them out of power by helping Amarullah forces any time. Like their Cheering for Bidden has back fired, their Taliban love will back fire. Talibans have released many TTP leaders from jail. Talibans has asked Pakistan to remove viza, Taliban do not recognize Durand line. Let them be happy for so.e time. We have to just wait, watch and enjoy the development with pop corn in one hand and coffee cup in other hand.


Mar 16, 2012
The Indian influence in Afghanistan has been reduced to rubble. Only a fool would deny that. Pakistan needs to exploit the new situation accordingly.


Nov 1, 2010
United Kingdom
Modis two-front war strategy against Pakistan has fallen on his face, it seems like the Indians are now sensing the heat of a Multi-pronged front against themselves. Their false bravado has all but melted away, and they are feeling very INSECURE these days. Their fancy toys especially the Rafales don't seem good enough to raise their spirits these days.

Indian Achilles heals are as follows.
1)China lays claims to Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and other pockets along LAC.
2)Pakistan lays claim to Jammu, Kashmir and Junagarh at the moment.
3)Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.
4)Troubles brewing in Seven Sisters and the Siliguri Corridor(chicken Neck).
5)Naxal reemergence in much of South-Eastern States.
6)Khalistani Diaspora reactive again.
7)Hindutva backlash in Minority communities.
8)Deobandi Muslims openly supporting the Taliban.
9)Regional countries embracing the Chinese influence.
10)Internal discord between the Indian States is widening along with the Dravidian nationalism.

There are more issues to be considered but will leave it for some other day. Thanks to Modi these fault lines have appeared more vividly. As they say, the days of the artificial State of India are numbered.
My Goodness what i see is India lost big time, one by on, with little to gain. India has been the boxing bag for all the powers around it in real world.

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