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Whose side is Turkey on?

Abu Zolfiqar

Rest in Peace
Feb 12, 2009
Turkiye is doing what's in its interests at this current time.

I dont think joining the anti-Assad bandwagon suited them well, especially when Erdogan and Assad had enjoyed lunch and good friendship together hardly 1 or 2 years before it all started

but now that the Turks are where they are, I would be doing exactly what they are doing....its better for them to work with the Peshmerga with whom they have leverage (business ties) rather than Kurdish groups closer to home which may have pro-PKK sympathy

the media of west NEVER talks nowdays about the 50,000 civilians of Turkiye who were killed by PKK and other seperatist kurd groups

NATURALLY the Turks will be cautious rather than act in hasty fashion

it's like telling Pakistan to provide arms and backing to BLA, or China giving arms and backing to Tibetan groups

Turkey will be on any side, it believes will take down Assad and destroy Kurdish autonomy , post Kobani's FSA reinforcement , Turkey was on Daesh side, now its propping up FSA ...
they werent on Daesh side, but the govt. is anti assad

The writer has a rather unusual last name.
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this is why i love your posts

NATO without Turkiye?
They can still brag that there are Muslims in NATO but what happens when we leave?
NATO will be declared the enemy of all Muslims,im sure they dont want that,so Turkiye has enough leverage to do what benefits the country,even if it is against other NATO members stance.
To all the fanboys talking about Turkiye leaving NATO i say,make us.
frankly speaking - NATO needs to be disbanded

its irrelevant now


Jul 15, 2012
Turkey is starting to look for their own interests too. It is easy to immediately declare Turkey's interests are different than NATO but you can also look at it from a different perspective and state NATO is acting without preserving Turkey's interests.

Is it so unreasonable for Turkey to jump into the Syria and Iraq mess without clear conditions and clear objectives? NATO and Turkey can't agree on simple things like bufferzone and post-ISIS period. How can you expect Turkey to do the short term favors for NATO and then not care about the long term consequences for Turkey by opening a front on their neighbors (ISIS). It is easy to talk for US from across the ocean and the Europeans thousands of km's away.

If Turkey starts war on ISIS they would be totally on their own. The Europeans and Americans are to posh to put boots on the ground to clean up their own mess they created by having removed Saddam and destroyed the structure there. They also are responsible for not acting against Assad when Turkey warned about Assad's genocide on sunni and radicals filling the vacuum.

Turkey did his part with warnings and making a roadmap by removing Assad, giving the sunni population a right for democratic elections but they all ignored that. Now things got out of hand they call Turkey like a mercenary army to do the dirty work. Sorry but we are not like that. US was for a decade in Iraq and they done something about PKK terrorists organization. Even more they recently supplied them in front of our eyes.

Turkey is pivot point of middle-east. Erdogan knows that both NATO and Russia want them on their side so it is very understanble we will go after our own interests now. Even if Turkey acts with total disregard for NATO intersts that would be justified imho. The best thing for Turkey would be to transform ISIS into moderates and create Sunni democratic state. Most Sunni tribes are not radicals but they are pushed into supporting ISIS Sunni group because of Assad's terror and Shia terror.

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