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White House pressuring Israel to cut research ties with China over dual-use concerns


Feb 21, 2015
My guess is that Isreal is able to easily access/share the US/West tech. Otherwise, they are at level around Mexico, which are insignificant.



Oct 17, 2019
LOL.. Yes, like Chinese copy ASBM, DF-41 and hypersonics DF-17 missile, 055 destroyer and even the EMAL onboard Fujian aircraft carrier. Just like how China steal US 5G.

Oh wait! US dont have those things..... Continue to be salty biggot about China success! :enjoy:

And you even got the cheek to fly Pakistan flag. Shall have switch to US flag to shown your true color. You must one of those who supported Bajwa. lol

He seems Indian.

Trango Towers

Oct 29, 2016
United Kingdom
You Chinese still have to learn more about the Judeo-Christian relationship. The Israelis will not ditch the Christians and Muslims for Buddhists, Atheists, and Taoists, regardless of what was done to them in the past.
And Israel doesn't give a shit about Christians.. they love the money that the dumb Christians give them. Remember to really hurt a Israeli facist you just take the money away. He will die


Feb 16, 2021
Disinformation is false information deliberately spread to deceive people. And your funny realities of the disinformation about China has been done deliberately for decades if not centuries dated all the way back to the "Yellow Peril" days in 19th century by the West. This was a racial metaphor depicting the Chinese/East/Southeast asian "as a threatening, expansionist foe" and an existential danger to the Western world (sounds familiar nowadays?) Yet ironically, at the time, it was the expansionistic British Empire who had the greatest number of colonies in the world, including the whole Indian subcontinent...

Your reliance on obtaining disinformation via "read it online" mainly through western/Indian media is indeed "the biggest joke I have ever heard". What Huawei did was to prevent US spy agencies to use surveillance spyware/backdoor to access customers' data, so Trump administration saw a company that they can't control as a threat. Even though their own "expansive 18-month security review from US government agencies was reported to have concluded in 2012 that there was NO evidence Huawei was working with the Chinese government to spy on US citizens."

Had you paid attention to the real world, you would have realised that China didn't destroy Sri Lanka, the combination of weak rupee against the US dollar, the lack of tourism due to pandemic and most importantly, the sovereign default, and inflation caused by printing money, a chain reaction effect from the interest rate hikes from the US Federal Reserve destroyed Sri Lanka.

The 25,000 tonnes "Yuan Wang 5" isn't a spy ship like your beloved source of disinformation "The Times of India" claimed, but a science ship, main tasks invloving satellite/ballistic missile data tracking/relaying. Oh, you don't need a sledgehammer to crack a nut, China has plenty of specialised spy ships, but that was not Yuan Wang 5's usage, it were there in Hambantota International Port to replenish fuel/food/medical equipment.

No one's stopping you from exercising your "free will", nor do most people care that your seemingly fantastic western/Indian biased facts which you take as good as gold are just a crumbling sand castle. However, using "freedom of expression" as a cover for ignorance and cowardly racism is a complete and utter failure on your part, Arsalan345. It has no place here on this forum, nor anywhere else.
Go to Google. write Huawei malicious software and it will open lots of articles. I don't need to disinform others. It's like an open book. Your theft stories are published worldwide. no disrespect. it's very easy to call everything propaganda. I can share articles here but it's useless because you will not accept them. Srilanka was greedy just like Pakistan. You should go and read about the Chinese debt trap. even Americans have warned Pakistan about this debt trap but we love money and you want to make us another Srilanka. I don't even want to talk about a trade war between the Chinese and Americans. I mean what is the point of telling you anything if you call it propaganda? Free will is everything. Chinese are our friends which are great but please don't force us to accept your narrative over everything. We can disagree. We have free will.

China's technology is the world's top level! It even leads the US in some aspects. you like to repeat American jokes about "technology theft" (in order to lower technical standards. Let your country not look too backward?). Let's see how many talents US steals from China!!

US steals Chinese talent development technology. Then accuse China of "technology theft". Finally, let dogs from backward countries laugh at China? Do you know what "shame" is?

"Technology theft"?? i 'm sorry. You really don't have this technology.

Fortunately. Not many countries will trust US. I guess. Pakistan also does not trust the US. I hope you stop representing all the people of Pakistan.
I am not part of your communist propaganda country China. I represent Pakistan and will continue to represent it. no Chinese can stop me. Communists can't stop me. It's good that china is developing new technologies but how? Through theft. You are a thief. everyone knows about it. You call yourself super power. You can't even send a ship near the United states to challenge their sovereignty. It's pathetic. Pakistan can do whatever Pakistan wants. we don't need dictations from communist.
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