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Which Countries Voted For, Against Pakistan or Abstained in FATF Voting?


Mar 17, 2007
United Arab Emirates
You should ask the super power China to get the required 12 votes to get you out of the grey list.

On your last para ,we always work for your benefit,we will keep you in the grey list as long as we can for your incredible benefit.


india should stop state sponsored terrorism ..like APS massacre of 160 children

R Wing

May 23, 2016
Looks like India achieved another galwan on fatf front (minus colonel babu lynching)

No chance of Pakistan getting blacklisted. Defeat for India
would the Gulf fanboys care to elaborate on our "brothers" in the UAE and KSA abstaining?

when Gen Shareef left for KSA, the blind fauj fanboys said "just wait and see --- he is definitely not going for the unreal financial/protocol package being offered --- rather it is a strategic move to take KSA ties to the NEXT LEVEL."



Apr 22, 2020
The world financial system will soon split into two distinct systems
China /Russia will form a alternative Financial System

We will see this materialize in our life times based on what is happening in the world , FATF will only expedite this process

China/Russia Financial model Members
  • China
  • Russia
  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Majority of Central Asian Nations (5-7 Nations)
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • Libya
  • Possibly Turkey , If Turkey/Russia/China with some negotiations and agreements

Currently the effort is for Winning African Nation's addition
Any idea which 5 to 7 central Asian nations?


Apr 9, 2017
We need to get serious about getting off it ASAP, I’m quite surprised we’re still on, each previous meeting I predicted that we’d be taken off imminently. Really I guess the only way to ensure it is too meet all or as much of the conditions as possible and give them no excuse.

Long term, the work being done here will benefit us. For now we’re being choked off of investments as a result of this uncertainty in our status.
Did voting actually happen? Wasn't it postponed to the next meeting 4~6mnths down the road?


May 21, 2006
United States
It would be hard for Pakistan to come out of grey list. Even if it did, any support to Kashmir through militants would mean a black list in the next review of FATF. So it is good for India. It ensures they play by rules.
This is related to financial transactions through international financial agencies. It has nothing to do to Kashmir.

This is call fraud. Indians have bad reputation in US institutions.

North Texas Man Allegedly Stole $24 Million in PPP Funds, Sent Cash to India, Paid off Mortgages
The Coppell resident was able to rip off almost $18 million and sent part of it to India, paid off mortgages, purchased a new home, and bought a luxury car.

Photo courtesy of Dallas County Sheriff's Office
A North Texas man has been indicted for money laundering and fraud after federal authorities say they uncovered a plot to use fake companies to defraud the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) of $24 million.
Federal prosecutors announced last week that 55-year-old Dinesh Sah of Coppell has been charged in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.
“Sah ultimately received approximately $17.7 million in PPP loan funds and allegedly used the proceeds primarily for personal expenses, spending them on multiple homes and luxury cars, including a 2020 Bentley convertible, and sending millions of dollars in international transfers, the indictment alleges,” the press release stated.
A special agent with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Inspector General said in a criminal complaint affidavit that Sah used part of the proceeds from his fraud to send cash to India.
Special Agent in Charge Tamera Cantu of IRS Criminal Investigation’s Dallas Field Office characterized Sah’s actions as a “disgraceful display of greed.”
“Mr. Sah looked at the Paycheck Protection Program as his own personal piggy bank, treating himself to not only millions in cash, but several luxury vehicles and properties, all while legitimate small business owners in the United States desperately sought out ways to put food on their tables and to ensure their employees were paid,” Cantu said.
Authorities say they have so far only been able to recover $6.5 million of the stolen funds.
The federal case against Sah is one more in a series of cases in Texas against those accused of abusing relief programs for small businesses.
Disclosure: Unlike almost every other media outlet, The Texan is not beholden to any special interests, does not apply for any type of state or federal funding, and relies exclusively on its readers for financial support. If you’d like to become one of the people we’re financially accountable to, click here to subscribe.

@LeGenD @Areesh @AgNoStiC MuSliM @PradoTLC ... enjoy ... I can add more Indian frauds ...

Agno what's going on in your neighborhood. ..


Apr 29, 2019
United Kingdom
Lol. You are still in the grey list. Pulwama doesn't affect us one bit but greatly enhances our diplomatic arsenal against you. And don't quote me again with polemics.
Exactly what planet are you on? Pulwama set into motion a chain of events that exposed your air force as incompetent and woefully unprepared, exposed your PM as a rank amateur in local diplomacy and set China firmly into an aggressive posture against you and your American sponsor. Iran and the Taliban are also colluding with China to realise their interests in defiance of the indo-American axis. You must be delusional if you think all that matters here is Pakistan being on a grey list. Wow.

The price is well worth it to see you squirm economically and geopolitically for decades to come. China used to be somewhat ambivalent. Post-Pulwama, Hindustan triggered the dragon in ways it could not have foreseen. The article 370 debacle is an existential threat to the regional status quo, and Pulwama hastened the Kashmir annexation. Pakistan played its cards well, cornered the Hindu qom, eviscerated a few dozen of your malnourished soldiers all over the asphalt as a bonus, and served up some tea to Mr "Flow is Cold". Our EW and fighter deterrent is battle proven while Hindustan has been forced to deploy Brahmos to cover up for its air force's inadequacies, not to mention scrambling for new weapons for the last two years almost like a single mom at a car boot sale.

Pakistan doesn't intend to terrorise you in Kashmir. Are you mad? Pakistan is preparing a drone invasion to terrorise you throughout Hindustan proper. Doors have been opened thanks to Pulwama. Grey list or purple list makes no difference. Pakistan is firmly on the path to preparing for a massive conventional war against your nation. You had best be ready. Meanwhile, as others have said, FATF is the perfect vehicle for cleaning up the PPP and PMLN filth and their everyday corruption that has crippled Pakistan. Thanks for all that.

Nothing Hindustan can do now will halt the march towards destiny. Every Pakistani is on the same page - well at least 99% of us, which is more than ever before. Noonies literally get beaten up every time they dare insult our army or ISI. And you think Pakistan is in trouble?

We're behind our army, we're behind our PM. And pretty soon, we're gonna send some drones to sneak up behind your usurper nation.

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