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When General Musharaf Spent a Night in India !!


Mar 17, 2007
United Arab Emirates
That's the Worst analysis you can give.

bcos.. you don't know any thing

I'd say the soldiers on both sides were equally good

no.. Pakistan Army is much capable professional and fighting out fit and this was according to IISS and Janes defense.. and yes I saw the analysis from their commentators on BBC.. BBC ? banned in india?


But your planning was really, really bad

says the person who country we did a deep penetration ... and shot it's close air support

Your casualties were higher if Nawaz Sharif and this woman are to be believed
believe what you like.. how capable Indian army was we just saw that in Galwan.

But if you bring in women ? Let me bring Ms Duttha’s book.. she exposed Indian gov we’re lobbying the US for intervention behind the scenes .. so there you go hence Mr bill saved sorry rear ends

I'm not sure they accounted for the bodies burried on indian side.

fake news from india has no value.

ou clearly need to do a lot of research
says a person who doesn't know any thing
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Jan 6, 2021
However, when rag tag mujahideen went in the mountains, and then NLI followed, expectations were still low.
You are still trying to sell rag tag theory? Rag tag Mujahids entered India on their own and then things just happened?
What was Musharraf doing 11 Kms inside India? Planning the rag-tag operation that it turned out to be in the end?
The words of one of the Generals while briefing PM Sharif - DGMO Zia began the presentation with the words: “Sir, as per your desire we have made a plan to upgrade the freedom movement in Kashmir. It would be a five-phased operation and the first phase had been completed, he explained.”
So it was a rag tag, five phase operation to liberate Kashmir?

As a rank holder and supposedly subject matter expert, you should be questioning why the plan to liberate Kashmir was so poorly made. But, you are trying to sell how wonderful rag-tag were.

There was hardly any expectations from NLI.
Foolish of Musharraf and his coterie to employ a second string force, on an ambitious mission without any expectations. Any good planner would have employed a force with some expectations of an outcome in their favour.

Trying to create a facade of a successful operation by claiming NLI vs Army? It might sell with fanboys. It ain’t selling in the real world.
In the real world, Kargil is seen as - How not to plan an operation.

Real shame was, in not accepting the valour of NLI till few years later. Troops who laid down their lives, remained unsung (till they were acknowledged) due to cowardice and for political gains of few generals and politicians.
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Mar 25, 2011
Indians used Bollywood actors and actresses to motivate their troops 🤣🤣 and they have the audacity to talk smack on here
The fact is, during the last 20 or so years, a concerted, planned effort was made to protray India in a positive light despite it being a miserably oppressive and unclean society, along with massive amounts of investment all the while Pakistan was made a target despite being an ally. The worst part is, the Pakistani ruling elite did a lot more damage than anyone could ever imagine.

Indians used Bollywood actors and actresses to motivate their troops 🤣🤣 and they have the audacity to talk smack on here
That is also a very sad reality. I have never seen an Indian that looks even remotely like those bollywood monkeys.
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Apr 18, 2023
Last we heard during Operation Swift Retort, Indian high-ranking officers in the area of the operation took a rickshaw back to Delhi, afraid to take the train or heli. Lol.

If you are so adamant about destroying Pakistan, go ahead. What has stopped you? The last time you mobilized, your soldiers lost lives and equipment without us firing a shot. I would love to see what your veggie curries would do in combat.

Op Parakram claimed 798 soldiers - Times Of India (archive.org)

Cause after 2019, when we struck you in broad daylight, you couldn't do anything except hold the dildo we used on you for the whole world to see. The running joke among Pakistani-American jokes at first was Sunny Leone finally took it out and offered India a national souvenir. 😂

where is your pakistan today ?

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