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When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers

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    When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers


    ISLAMABAD: When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers. As a result of a fierce confrontation between a federal minister and a special assistant over a pricey piece of land in Mandra, Tehsil Gujjar Khan, claimed by their very close relatives, Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner Saifullah Dogar and ADCR (additional district collector revenue) Rizwan Qadeer have been given the marching orders in a lightning manner.

    Neither Special Assistant on Accountability and Interior Ministry Barrister Mirza Shahzad Akbar nor Privatization Minister Muhammad Mian Somroo attended calls to their cell phones or responded to text and WhatsApp message sent by The News. They have been conveyed that this correspondent wants to talk about the Mandra land dispute in which both have locked horns and the two Rawalpindi administration officials have been made victims due to the intervention of influential quarters. A friend of Shahzad Akbar, who presented the special assistant’s version, said that the cabinet member has been stopped by Prime Minister Imran Khan to issue any statement on the row.

    As the story goes according to the documents available and the claims of the two sides, the actual fight revolves around two kanals of land.

    Shahzad Akbar’s brother Murad claims its ownership and has all the revenue record in his favour while Somroo’s nephew, British-Pakistani Jawad Sohrab Malik, (son of the minister’s sister) rebuts it. Jawad Malik is the brother of Barrister Fahd Malik, who was murdered in Islamabad a few years back and was married to Zulfi Bokhari’s sister.

    The friend WhatsApped documents claiming the ownership of two kanals by Murad. He also sent photographs of government vehicles, doing escort duty with Somroo, being used at the dispute site.

    As the clash intensified, the ADCR was asked to investigate and prepare a report on the basis of the revenue record. He found that the documents showing Murad owner of the land were manipulated and the transfer of land was fake.

    The Deputy Commissioner approved the report. He was reprimanded by powerful circles and transferred along with the ADCR. However, the friend said that Shahbaz Akbar has no role in sidelining of these officers and he can’t have it.

    Jawad Malik told The News that his (deceased) grandfather purchased over ten kanals of land on GT Road Mandra way back in 1986 and built a flour mill in 1987, which is still in place. He deputed a watchman there. As the succession of this land to the heirs is yet to take place through documents, it is still in the name of the deceased man.

    However, the friend asserted that succession has not been carried out because of the disputes within the Malik family.

    On Jan 14, Jawad Malik said his supervisor phoned him to inform that nearly half a dozen people have reached the site, claiming that they have purchased two kanals of land. They wanted to take possession of it. On his instructions, the supervisor filed an application with the Mandra police station of forcibly taking wrongful possession by some persons. On seeing police coming there, these people fled, he said.

    According to Jawad Malik, three days after this incident nearly fifty people of Murad arrived at the venue with bricks and other construction material. Again, the supervisor called him to inform what is going. A senior police officer and Assistant Commissioner of Gujjar Khan also arrived at the site uninvited to ensure these people take the possession of the land, he said.

    Jawad Malik said that a case was filed by Murad in a civil court in 2015, claiming the ownership of two kanals of land, and got a favourable decision ex-parte in 2018. The deceased grandfather was made the respondent and notices were deliberately sent to wrong addresses so that the one-sided proceedings are held.

    He claimed that after the ADCR reported that Murad’s ownership was forged, the Rawalpindi police chief was ordered to use the force to ensure possession of the two kanals of land to Murad. However, the cop refused to intervene saying that it was a civil matter and police can’t interfere. Jawad Malik said Somroo’s squad vehicle that Murad has shown to have been used at the site has just handed over documents to a certain place.

    Jawad Malik said he was scared that on the force of the official paraphernalia, Murad would by force take possession of the land, leaving him in the lurch. To obviate this eventuality, he has got stay orders from a civil court and the ADCR.

    The friend said that Murad bought 17 Marlas of land in Khasra number 473, Muaza Bucha, Tehsil Gujjar Khan situated on main GT Road on April 13, 2005. He later also purchased another 23 Marlas of land from the same Khasra on June 9, 2008.

    According to his version, in 2009 he gave an application to the revenue office of Gujjar Khan for partition and possession of his land. After 10 years of hectic litigation, in April 2018 the Gujjar Khan revenue office finalised the partition suit and divided Khasra number 473 into two - 473/1 and 473/2 - making Murad exclusive owner of Khasra 473/1 measuring 40 Marlas.

    After giving him possession, the revenue office also sectioned partition mutation number 2849 dated May 31, 2018 declaring exclusive and legal owner and possessor of Khasra number 473/1.

    Murad got demarcated the dimensions of his land on Jan 13, 2020 before starting construction and consigned demarcation report in Tehsil office, Gujjar Khan.

    He said Jawad Malik visited the Gujjar Khan Revenue office on Jan 13, 14, 15 and 16 escorted by Islamabad police vehicle and officials deputed for squad duty of Soomro.

    On January 17 when labourers were working on Murad’s land to construct boundary wall, the minister’s official escort number GAE 538 with uniformed Islamabad police officials reached the spot. A private Vigo UC-1-ICT, registered in the name of Jawad Malik, with armed guards reached the scene and threatened labourers of consequences and asked them to stop the work.

    Murad claimed that Somroo called Mandra police station in-charge officer (SHO) and ordered him to intervene. The Gujjar Khan Revenue department after examining the documents of both sides decided that Murad, being legal owner, is within his right to build the wall.

    The SHO under Somroo’s influence refused to stop Islamabad police officials to meddle in the Punjab jurisdiction.

    The friend said that the use of power by Shahzad Akbar can be well judged from the fact that despite being the minister of state for interior he failed to prevent the use of the Islamabad police and vehicles by Murad’s rival party.

    However, Jawad Malik holds Shahzad Akbar wholly responsible for the attempt to forcibly take the possession of the land that doesn’t own by Murad.

    Somroo and Shahzad Akbar have talked to each other about the dispute but wide differences exist as both fully support the claims of their relatives and are unwilling to budge from their respective stands.

    Khalid Iqbal adds: In pursuance of the notification issued by the Punjab government, Capt ® Anwarul-Haq has assumed charge as new Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi here on Tuesday.

    Punjab government has yet not finalised the names of two other officials of top seats Additional District Collector Revenue (ADCR) and Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rawalpindi till the filing of this report.

    Top sources told ‘The News’ that Deputy Commissioner Saifullah Dogar, Additional District Collector Revenue (ADCR) Rizwan Qadeer and Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Waqas Khan have been transferred on the directions of Special Assistant on Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar who was also Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Affairs. The senior most officials have left the charge within a day in this regard.

    The sources said that two names Capt ® Muhammad Shoaib and Chaudhry Zaigham Gujar have been presented for additional district collector revenue (ADCR) Rawalpindi. The Punjab government will finalise a name for the post of ADCR till Wednesday (today), sources disclosed.

    The former Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Saifullah Dogar has left his charge on Tuesday while new appointed DC Capt ® Anwarul Haq has taken his charge on the same day.

    The sources said that Special Assistant on Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar who was also Adviser to the Prime Minister showed strong anger against former DC, former ADCR and former ASP and immediately called them to Prime Minister Office. The brother of sitting Federal Minister pressurized former DC, former ADCR and former ASP but in vain. All officers were strict on their stance and declared that Mirza Murad Akbar brother of Special Assistant on Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar tried to grab land on GT Road near Mandra.

    In result, Punjab government through a notification transferred three officers’ former DC, former ADCR and former ASP on Tuesday.