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What is leading Indian army's rethink of its typically inelastic position on Siachin?


Mar 2, 2020
United States
two front wars against India are a pipe dream

a) Even if 2-front war against India has very low probability, should not India prepare for the same?
b) Considering the strong anti-India lobby sitting in democratic administration (please do not say none exists), Can India really count on USA standing with India? I do not think Indian leadership factors that (i.e. USA intervening or showing intent to militarily engage on behalf of India) in their calculations. One additional point - Few years ago, I read an article from Rand institute about options for India (they say it is presented to US president). Considering the "harrassment" that Indian current leadership is subjected to (when they did not get into the current positions) from USA, I am pleasantly surprised about the options that India eventually took [I will not write more on this point, as (per all folks in this forum), the current indian top leadership are a bunch of whatever]. This point actually shows the strength and thinking of Indian leadership.
c) In your other posts in this thread, you posted successes of USA (like South Korea etc), would you post few foreign policy successes of USA in the last 25 years? My point is - USA has lost it's critical thinking faculties with the raise of liberals in US administration (Please prove that I am wrong. I want to be wrong in this).
d) USA fought for 20 years in Afghanistan and never realised who their enemies are / what they are fighting for? While I do not fault USA in going to war on Afghanistan (they had to), the way they got into the quagmire and got played around (and never seemed to realise it) did not reflect well on USA. Do you agree?
e) If you studied about Indian armed forces, do you think India is capable of 2-front war? ie.e offensive / defensive operations against pak + china.
f) There are no friends that India can count upon in war with China / Pak [that is the nature of international diplomacy. No other expectations]. No country will engage on behalf of India. That is truth, and I am happy that Indian very top leadership gave statements in that regard. They must have already factored in that in their calculations. For ex: during kargill, one of our extremely "friendly" countries' satellites lost their battery power and could not give territorial maps to India. India was relying on those maps and only received those maps for a few days into the war. I do not think that "friendly" country has any business / military links with Pak, but that "friendly" country decided to sit on the wall and watch. In Kargill war, the only country that helped India (militarily) is Israel (i.e. supplying weapons on urgent basis and integrating Mirage-2000 with laser guided bombs). No other country helped India. It is the way it is, and will be same in future.

BTW - I really like USA. But I do feel that the past 25 years of USA (in foreign policy) is not good.
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