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Wearing Hijab Not An Essential Religious Practice, Says Karnataka High Court


Dec 22, 2014
Korea, Republic Of
Do you want to be punish by Islamic government by not praying 5 times a day ????

In Shariah Islam, only for public matters where government can intervene like in relation with marriage, divorce, banking, Halal certificate, Imposing Halal to all products, punishing criminal action. etc

In private matter, praying, wear hijab, etc government doesnt have such right. Our God is Allah, not our ruler. This is why there are no punishment on Earth ever stated by Quran and Hadith on Muslim who dont pray, Muslim women who dont wear hijab, Muslim who dont fast during Ramadhan, Muslim who dont pay Zakat etc

This private thing is only between God and His servants

Even for Zakat, government doesnt intervene


A Muslim person (surge) want to enforce Shariah law even on private one like imposing Hijab to all Muslim women, etc but he himself live in Non Muslim country ??? :crazy:

ohhh so you dont like the religion so you what to make some beliefs out of blue?? before commenting search, learn and thing little bit. and we where talking about religion not a part of it i.e. sharia. their is compulsion in religion for muslims, if you dont pray you will face consequences in hereafter, if you dont pay zakat you will it consequences in both worlds, etc etc. it is full of sacrifices and compulsions of muslims, here i repeat myself again.
and how dare you mention zakat ... do you know that first caliph abu bakar fought a war with muslim because they didnt want to give zakat to the government directly, not that they didnt want to give zakat but rather just not directly to the government.
do you know umer prohibit the umra and hajj at the same time.. do you know that he also prohibit some women from not going to mosque, do you know umer didnt allow muslims to marry Egyptian women for sometime, he also changed the law of divorce and the list goes on.. I hope next time you listen to God and his messenger PBUH and how sahaba learn and acted on it.
and what about living in non-muslim countries? sahaba and muslims migrated to non muslims empire and lived there, spread islam by their teachings and character. you cannot win this debat, you already lost when you mis-quoted the ayat from quran and now just because of your ignorance you what to take stand. walk away bro


Feb 21, 2022
Hi, the Hindu queen in India who later famously became called Jhansi ki Rani got married at age 15, what will you say of this ? Will you call her husband a paedophile as well ? Please stop applying modern Western-derived fake-feminist fake-morality logic to human affairs.
Yes, its is wrong
We dont justify slavery because it was common few centuries back
We dont justify chopping legs/ hands because it was common few centuries back
We dont believe in flat earth or creation theory or angels

The point is crazy stuff written long back have been proved wrong and we should stop following them. There is no book which can stand the logics and rationality which an average modern human has
Be it Quran, Bible, Veds, Puran, Tora, all should be flushed

Because if these books were actually gods message then their theories should be valid all the times
Almost all religions fail on Flat Earth & Human Evaluation, which means all these books are man made and propagated well to use religion as a power source and nothing else


Dec 17, 2014
United States
It is not about girls wearing hijab and going to school.
It is about "whose" religious and cultural sensibilities will define the public spaces.
If you understand this, you will understand the problem and Hindutva.
That’s why winning the argument in the diaspora, where people can dress as they choose and prove that it doesn’t negatively impact their professional and educational performance, is crucial to undermining the BJP’s argument.

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Joe Shearer

Apr 19, 2009
So you are an expert on Islamic behavior? One mistake you and some in the West are making is that you are comparing Hijab and the Burqa and keep saying Hijab is regressive and a new thing. Yes, it is relatively new thing in certain parts of the Muslim world but it allows Muslim Women to get out of their homes and be part of the mainstream, while maintaining their sense of modesty. In the West, Middle East, Pakistan and South East Asia, the Hijab has allowed Muslim women to get higher education, get jobs, work in factories, be in the military, fly fast jets and compete with men shoulder to shoulder. Nobody in my family wears a hijab but I support those who do. Except for a couple of countries in Europe and India, no one has issues with Hijab.

Any one who opposes Hijab is not only Islamophobic but also anti feminist and regressive and wants to deny the opportunities to Muslim women that have been opened by the Hijab.
I don't agree with all that you have written, but there are lots of things that progressives need to support, including the right of a woman to dress as she wants.

This particular incident apart. It is a special case. As for normal life, I agree with your analysis almost wholly. It seems relevant to point out that in Hyderabad, I've seen many women, specifically working women, wrap dupattas around their head, face and neck to protect themselves from the weather, and from leering idiots.

Calm down, you are making a fool of yourself.

So it is all about BJP’s anti Islamic ideology
Isn't that what he's saying?

Is there any doubt left?
Very little. It's about politics, and the application to administration in such a way that it is cleverly aligned with possible judicial opinion.

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