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we need indian talent and people to come to Finland to live normal life, find jobs "It is very important : Finland


Sep 8, 2021
Yes. Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra etc are called code monkeys for a reason.

@jamahir is this you?
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Yes. Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra etc are called code monkeys for a reason.
Those monkeys code because coding is still required. If left to you, you would want all of us to become so enlightened and have so much brain power that we can simply summon code through meditation and fart it out from our arse straight for compilation. That will be the pinnacle of human achievement. Coding is so yesterday.

Disdain for someone else's work better be backed up by demonstrable success in the same field.
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Feb 21, 2022
They want cheap labor who will do dirty work for them, especially IT and coding types.
Pakistani have PHDs in cheap work (taxi driving, construction work etc.), please track remittance per-capita metric of India / BD / Pakistan and you will understand who is at the top and who does the dirty work

Yes, Che Guevara was fired from Goldman Sachs a long time ago hence he resented Capitalism. :lol:
angoor khatte hain !!!!!


Jul 9, 2014

I may have been and there are many like him in India. For the few decades in India that computer programming gained prominence as a means of employment the feualists running these code monkey companies like TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL etc had an unwritten pact ( rhymes with "Genpact" in your pic ) with the governments in India to discourage and disrupt any attempt by the workers to establish workers unions and demand human rights and respect for the atrocious working conditions there. Workers in the Indian IT companies have suicided because the companies impose stupid internal exams and the stupid Indian extremely Capitalist society encourages and casualizes suicide :

Poor test result drives Infosys techie to suicide​

India News
Updated on Apr 18, 2009 12:45 AM IST

A trainee software engineer at Infosys Technologies committed suicide on April 14 at the company’s Mysore campus, 140 km from here. The reason, according to his suicide note: he could not secure good grades in the model tests during training.

A trainee software engineer at Infosys Technologies committed suicide on April 14 at the company’s Mysore campus, 140 km from here. The reason, according to his suicide note: he could not secure good grades in the model tests during training.

Abhijit Mukherjee (23), who joined Infosys in February 2009, used a towel to hang himself from a ceiling fan in his room on the campus.

Next morning, his batch-mates found his body and called the police. A local police station officer, Venkatesh, told HT Abhijit was dejected with his own performance.

He said, “This boy came here from Kolkata for training. We informed his father Ashish Mukherjee, who came over along with some relatives and took the body after post-mortem to Kolkata. They left Mysore on Thursday.”

However, a senior police officer said Abhijit had left separate notes for his parents, younger brother, girlfriend and friends — all in English. He advised his brother to do well in studies, and take care of the parents.

He thanked his girlfriend for the time they had spent together and wished his friends. But, curiously, none of the notes mentioned any names.

An Infosys spokesperson said, “We are saddened by the demise of one of our employees, Mr Abhijit Mukherjee, under tragic circumstances… Infosys will provide all necessary support to the family in their hour of grief.”

T.V. Mohandas Pai, Head-HR and Education and Research of Infosys, did not take calls as he was on leave on Friday.
Stupid exams and stupid marks start in Indian schools and follow throughout an Indian's life. Unnecessary competition with other people. And what did Infosys achieve in 2022 after having made a person to suicide, no, murdered a person 13 years prior ? Has it devised a new, radical, simplified, reliable operating system and microprocessor and storage mechanism since Infosys is in the computing field and has existed for 41 years and has 335,186 workers out of which most will be computer engineers ? Has it achieved those three things after having murdered a person ? And look at that haraami, Mohandas Pai, then chief of HR in Infosys who did not take calls despite a person suiciding because "he was on leave". He should have been jailed and the entire board of Infosys dissolved and the company handed over to the workers for them to own it and manage it directly with every worker being equal in respect, in right to participate in decision-making and in income. A company of the type Workers Cooperative like the Indian Coffee House.

Now that boy who suicided at Infosys' Mysore campus was told he lived in a "Heaven on Earth" ( well, he must have been a supremely good person to have died in heaven itself :rofl: ) :

Infosys Mysore Campus Accommodation & Facilities- Do’s and Don’ts​

Last Modified on November 6, 2021 By Mohit Arora

Infosys, one of the renowned IT companies, has built the world’s biggest corporate training facility in Mysore. Infosys Mysore Campus is also known by several names as: “Heaven on Earth” and “A Paradise”. Infosys Mysore Campus is the epitome of real infrastructure art. The trainees who have been selected by Infosys for training at the Mysore campus will be really keen to go campus as soon, after reading this article.

Infosys’ Chairman and Chief Mentor M.R.Narayana Murthy has described the training center, located 140 km off from India’s silicon valley, Bangalore, as the biggest corporate training facility in the world. “We are setting up the biggest corporate training facility in the world with 2,000 rooms which can house 4,000 people on a twin sharing basis. As we would be hiring roughly 12,000 people on an average, if we train 4,000 employees for four months, we should be able to turn around three batches in a year at this center,” he says.
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Infosys Mysore Campus

I am quite excited to share the information that I have grabbed with you all. I am sure you would also be very excited to know what’s in at Infosys Mysore Campus.
Accommodation and Facilities
  • The allotment of Accommodation will be done on the first day of arrival.
  • All Boys will get Single rooms and Almost all Girls will get shared rooms. Some girls would be luckier if they get single rooms.
  • Your Parents/Guardians can come to meet you, but the Accommodation will be arranged only for the Trainees only, so anybody accompanying you won’t be able to enjoy the accommodation facility.
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Facilities in room:
Every room will be provided with these things: Towel, bed sheet, bed covers, pillows, pillow cover, quilt, coffee and tea sachets with sugar (daily 1 each), bathing towel, 6 hangers, doormat, coffee and tea maker, a cup, glass, spoon, table lamp, wall clock, LCD TV, basket for dirty clothes, Almirah with electronic locker, all out for mosquitoes water bottle, table and study chair, sofa, western-style bathroom with shower, an AC.

List of things you will get in Infosys Mysore Campus
  • Few hostels have an attached Laundromat where you can iron your clothes yourself and also get them washed in machines. You will get tickets for Laundromats on receptions, probably now tickets are also made available at Laundromats itself. You will have to pay Rs 50 per cycle for 8 KG.
  • There is at least one cycle stand in front of every major building, Mysore campus has approximately 2000-5000 cycles. But You need to be an early riser if you want to get cycles. Or else you will have to go on your foot to the classrooms.
  • There are 3 or 4 courier services available to send and receive packages to and from home. it costs decent.
  • There is a large no. of cafes in every food court, there are 6 food courts.
  • There is also a large departmental store (Loyal World in the recreation center) where you can buy all your daily stuff. There is also a small departmental store in the Oasis food court.
  • The ECC (Employee Care Center) is the most important place for a Trainee in campus. It is built on Spanish architectural design. It has every facility you can think of, namely a gymnasium, badminton courts, table tennis, & squash courts, pool tables, aerobics center swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bowling alley, climbing the wall, meditation hall, Bank, Laundromat, company store, and 5-bed medical center.
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Stuff you should carry along to campus:
  • Your formal wear, at least 5 of them some casual wear for Saturdays and Sundays. You may or may not take matching Ties (Ties are now optional for the time being as declared by Vishal Sikka), socks, belts.
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Update: Infosys has withdrawn its “wearing formal” rule. So you can wear anything from Monday to Friday. But please it must be decent enough. (Thanks to Subhayu Biswas for pointing this out)
  • A pair of formal and casual shoes.
  • iPods/Good smartphones are an absolute must if you want to survive in the high burden of studies for relaxing.
  • Most importantly carry a credit or international debit card so that you can pay your expenses for the first month. You will not get laundry coupons if you don’t have a credit/debit card.
Try Out: Work from anywhere on any device with a virtual cloud desktop by CloudDesktopOnline.com. For more hosted Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Project Server, and more, try Apps4Rent.
Stuff you may or may not carry:
  • nail cutters
  • pens, pencils, copies, and all kinds of stationery.
  • facial products
  • Umbrellas/raincoats. ( Hahahaha Shocked to read this? Dude, you need to have this. Come to campus and see it yourself)
Stuff you should not bring:
  • LAPTOPS ( really heartbreaking news) (Update: Laptops are now allowed on campus but one cannot carry in GEC while training) (Thank you Shivangi for letting us know about this change).
  • Data Carriers i.e CDs, DVDs, Pendrives, floppy, or other such stuff.
  • Towels and bedsheets.
  • Soaps, mugs, etc
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Things you should not do in the Mysore campus:
  • Smoking inside your hostel rooms, every room has a smoke sensor, you will be in great trouble. Get rid of these habits before coming to campus.
  • Roaming late night on campus roads with your new girl/boyfriend.
  • Do not enter the campus gates when you are drunk, Infosys campus has the facility to carry out drinking test in their own medical clinic. If you are found guilty, you will have to pay heavy penalties.
  • Avoid playing games on your PC’s or do not get caught.
  • Do not entertain with the campus stuff, especially emergency alarm, fire alarm, etc. The campus has a full arrangement of CCTV cameras to record your activities.
  • For Interns, Do not give your ID card to your friends to swipe in attendance on your behalf. It is a sin there. If caught, you will have to pay a high penalty for this.
aff i?offer id=2223&file id=150908&aff id=40965
** I have got queries on whether Infosys pays for your flights/or travel. You need to reach the campus on your own and Infosys does not pay for your flights. Check flights here.

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View Infosys Mysore Campus:


I hope this article would have helped you to know about the campus. Share it with your other friends. Be ready to give the feedback below.

Note: Guys, I am getting a lot of comments regarding the joining date and other joining related queries. Please be informed that I am not in the Infosys Placement Team and do not know about recruitment and another process. I have done an Internship in Infosys Mysore and now working with Infosys. I have written this article on my experience to help you all guys in understanding life at Mysore Campus. I may help you in knowing the internship process as I have undergone, but I may not be able to able to solve any other queries. If you have any doubt regarding this I will happily help you, folks 🙂

I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t Forget To Share It with your friends and subscribe to our email newsletter for more such updates. Do you have more information to share? Do share your feedback and comments.
So all this detailed list of do's and don't about this "Heaven on Earth" and "Paradise" Infosys campus in Mysore - listed in the urgent manner of those irrational, maddening and useless schedules of stupid Indian students and their stupider parents when the students prepare for some stupid exam - which is "the world's biggest corporate training facility with 2000 rooms" and resulted in the suicide of a young man, actually a system-done murder, has resulted in what great achievements by Infosys in 2022 like I asked above ? This is the same case about every Indian IT company. They can be shut down right this minute without any human in the world losing anything significant or intellectual.

Many of the workers in these code monkey Indian IT companies are caste-believing upper caste Hindus and some are the modern Tableeghi Muslims so they will not really be intellectual and not be aware of their own human rights as a worker and those of their co-worker on the workstation beside them. These upper castes are the type who violently agitated against the 1990 VP Singh government's implementation of the Mandal Commission report via creating reservation quotas in private educational institutions and private and other employment sectors. So these particpar idiots will neither create anything intellectual nor will speak for establishing workers unions in their companies despite the company managements including their immediate managers doing injustice and atrocities against them and their co-workers. They do not believe in such words as Ambedkar's "Educate, agitate, organize". However, I was in an ITES company for 11 months of 2013-14 and when I found injustice against me and my co-workers I thought I must establish a workers union. This was a natural, organic thought by me. I was unaware that the Indian constitution had long provided the right for the Indian worker to organize or join workers unions. So the Indian IT / ITES industry in collusion with the governments in actively discouraging workers from setting up unions was in contravention of the Indian constitution. And beyond Indian constitution was the international agreement through the means of International Labour Organization about the right of the worker about worker unions. This is a simple human demand. An aware peasant being unjustly treated by the feudal will question the feudal and seek to organize against him.

So I in this company where I had been working for less than a year began speaking to my co-workers for us to collectivize about establishing a workers union which will allow questions to be put to the management in a collective way and suggest ideas to improve workers happiness and performance. The broader plan was to start a union in my branch, then encourage the workers in the other branch nearby to establish a union with our help and then all of us speak to every worker we know in the indian IT / ITES industry to start a union locally and we build a federation of workers union in this industry. This would have been the first such in India. And I would have been naturally the leader of this fedearation. However, the local manager got to know of it somehow perhaps through some snitch. I had a behas with him but demanded with the decent assistant manager to meet with the company's main HR department in the city and speak to them about the union plan. The meet happened and I spoke with the lady for more than half-an-hour and she asked what was to be done. I should have said that let the union be established without rancour because not only it is in alignment with Indian labor laws and the constitution and the ILO but also is a general human tendency among the aware. But I foolishly resigned and thus the first workers union in the Indian IT / ITES industry did not begin with me in 2014. However, four years later in 2018 other aware and justice-seeking workers in the industry started the All India IT & ITeS Employees Union. Laal Salaam to them ! Among their revolutionary stances, actions and agitations is :

This :

In solidarity with the revolutionary people of Cuba who are fighting the pandemic under the stranglehold of the US-imposed blockade and sanctions – choking its supply of food, medicine and electricity, AIITEU stands with Cuba against the imperialist measures of the United States.

Since the revolution in Cuba for socialism against the military dictatorship of President Fulgencio Batista who was serving the trade interests of the United States, the country of over a crore population has been subjected to cruel embargos by the US governments making their survival tougher. To this date, successive US governments have only created a scarcity of resources by toughening sanctions against Cuba and sometimes relaxing to set up their own industries there.
Right now when there is a global shortage of COVID vaccines for which demands are being raised by various organisations including our union, Cuba with its socialised healthcare has developed five vaccine candidates to target a variety of COVID-19 strains. Two of these vaccines whose last phase of the trials are complete, Soberana 02 and Abdala, have been proven to have an efficacy of 91.2% and 92.28% respectively, which ranks them amongst the most efficient of various vaccines developed across the world. Cuba is not only administering the vaccines to its own citizens for free but has also announced free jabs to tourists.

At the onset of the pandemic, 29,000 Cuban doctors had already been working in 59 countries but an additional 55 sanctions since then has resulted in a shortage of medical equipment in the island itself. Apart from this, as a result of the sanctions unemployment has also increased slightly and a food and power shortage is caused. The unrest and protests caused by these have been magnified on social media by the use of bots and also fake images in order to create a narrative against the regime and cause a change, a long term plan of the CIA as per their declassified documents. Such an army of bots that never get approved on Twitter was approved since the narrative was being set by the United States itself.

AIITEU thus calls upon the employees of the IT and ITES sector and the citizens of India to stand in solidarity with the Cuban struggle against American imperialism and to build pressure on them to follow the mandate of the UN General Assembly which has voted to lift the Cuban sanctions 29 years in a row. We condemn the undemocratic misuse of technology to make it serve cruel imperial interests.

We are also signing a solidarity campaign as our union named Let Cuba Live! It is the title of an open letter addressing US President Joe Biden, signed by 400 prominent intellectuals, academicians, activists, unions and progressive civil society organisations across the world, demanding the lifting of the blockade. You can find this letter and endorse it with your signature at letcubalive.com.

And :

IT employees and workers are no longer disconnected from larger movements in the country. On 25 September, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee called for a nationwide protest against three new bills on agriculture passed by the government undemocratically through Parliament.

These bills herald an era of the complete subordination of Indian agriculture to imperial interests. Increasingly, these interests are represented by large technology companies whose interests are contradictory to that of peasants and agricultural workers. As technology workers, we deplore this subordination. As aware citizens, we strongly condemn the Central Government’s disregard for democratic processes and its policies designed to help its cronies. We reject the monopolisation and corporatisation of agriculture. The agricultural sector needs an overhaul, but not in this manner – not in the interests of large corporations both Indian and foreign, which are opposed to the interests of the peasantry as a whole.

Members of the All India IT and ITeS Employees’ Union (AIITEU) joined the protest against these farm bills in four locations – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. We stood with the protesting farmers against the government’s moves to ruin the agricultural sector. We are certain that increasing such worker-peasant solidarity will help our joint fight against the crushing of our rights at the altar of big capital.

Those monkeys code because coding is still required. If left to you, you would want all of us to become so enlightened and have so much brain power that we can simply summon code through meditation and fart it out from our arse straight for compilation. That will be the pinnacle of human achievement. Coding is so yesterday.

Disdain for someone else's work better be backed up by demonstrable success in the same field.

1. The monkeys actually code because the Westerners either don't want to do such stuff or to do it they demand more money but these monkeys in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madras, Pune, Noida etc will do it for much less money and feel no shame about doing the monkey work. As I said above, not only do these monkeys not devise any operating system despite being in massively money-rich companies but their monkey work has also led to people being killed ( HCL and Cyient monkeys writing code for Boeing planes leading to their crash, the monkey work being given by Boeing to save money to transfer that money into the personal accounts of the owners and board members ).

2. Coding will always be there as long as recognizable programmed computers exist however one must question the existence of code monkey companies like Infosys which in its 41 years of existence and with 335,186 workers and massive earnings from Western Capitalist filth, could only develop one software called Financle which is quite useless really especially in societies which are not Capitalist.

3. About me, 20 years ago I was the most senior person on the South Asian software scene ( I won't say on PDF how ) and now I have evolved in the world computing scene. :) So I know what I am talking about.

angoor khatte hain !!!!!

Please read above.

Pakistani have PHDs in cheap work (taxi driving, construction work etc.), please track remittance per-capita metric of India / BD / Pakistan and you will understand who is at the top and who does the dirty work

On the contrary the sort of Indians who go out of India and show their "intellect", "humanity" and "usefulness" has led to backlash in the Western world. Please read this article and and watch the vid where an American tourist in Poland is calling an Indian - probably some MBA or code monkey type - as a parasite invader and demanded that the Indian go home :


Sep 3, 2021
Coming soon to Finland.

A scam businessman ripping off his own kind who themselves most likely made money from tax/wage stealing cash based businesses. This is the true face of Indian skilled migration.

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