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We are making Big Mistake in Middle East


Oct 26, 2009
It all started with Libya when we were all fooled into believing that there is a war of freedom going on against a ruthless dictator.
Turn out to be starting of western/Saudi funded terror campaign. And libya turned into Terrorists breeding ground instead of a Revolutionized nation.
This scourge continued to Syria with similar objectives and Complains. Again American backed Armed uprising distroying everything.
Now its Iraq' s turn.
And Muslims of region tend to put a blind eye to this crucial aspect. With every town they conquer they are getting stronger and bolder. Ruthlessly butchering Public servents and anyone they perceive to be threat. Crippling the economic growth and isolating the region because of deplomatic isolation and lack of vision.
This twisted ideology is ruthless and unforgiving. There aims are devoid of logic and are self conflicting.
They calim to be "Not loving Dunia" presenting some Ahadees and there own interpretation of Quranic verses while on the same time claiming lands and property to strengthen there militias and moving furthur conquering the same "dunia".

The point is. Did they stopped in Libya .Will they stop at Syria and iraq?
No. They will never stop untill they are taught in there own language. If they are not timely countered, they will get even more secure. And they will come for Iran Pakistan Turkey Egypt Aljazair Center Asia and even there masters Saudi Arabia. They will destroy our countries the same way they destroyed Libya Iraq and Syria.

This is a dire situation. Americans Russians Europeans all of them dont care at all about us. This is future of our children and our Nations.

I believe all Countries of Muslim World that have sizeable Military Power and potential like Turkey Iran Pakistan Egypt Etc should help Syria Afghanistan and Iraq to fight and wash away these terrorist breeding grounds. Even if we have to send boots on ground and air support. Else everything will be lost to this scourge.

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