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WDS 2022: HHI Unveils HDF-3800SA Frigate for Royal Saudi Navy

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Feb 13, 2012

The new Korean frigate dedicated to Saudi Arabia "HDF-3800SA" has been announced, with a displacement of 3800 tons.

The frigate assigned to Saudi Arabia will be able to accommodate the MH-60R helicopter owned by the Saudi forces..

HDF-3800SA Frigate


HHI is showcasing two HDF-3800SA Frigate scale models at WDS 2022. This one features a 76mm “STRALES” (with guided ammunition) main gun, 16x K-VLS for K-SAAM, 2x Sylena Mk2 decoy launchers by Lacroix, 8x C-Star anti-ship missiles, 2x triple torpedo launchers, 2x rockets launchers and a CIWS (on top of the helicopter hangar). The frigate can accommodate the new MH-60R helicopter of the Royal Saudi Navy. It is also fitted with a variable depth sonar.

The HDF-3800SA, unveiled by HHI at WDS 2022, has a length of 120 meters, a beam of 15 meters and a displacement of 3,800 tons. The frigate is capable of Anti-Air, Anti-Surface, Anti-Submarine and Electronic Warfare missions. In addition, in order to meet localization requirements, HHI is planning to build part of the vessel at IMI, a local shipbuilding partner in Saudi Arabia.

The HDF-3800SA design is based on the FFX Batch II (Daegu-class) frigate currently in service with the Republic of Korea (RoK) Navy. Design improvements include the Hi-Bow hull form, exclusively designed by the Hyundai Marine Research Institute. The frigate is configured with a Korean combat system suite.

MoU between HHI and International Maritime Industries (IMI)


HHI and IMI signed an MOU extension for joint-participating into the Saudi naval ship business. This MOU extension signing ceremony was held at the joint booth of HHI-IMI in the WDS exhibition hall, in the presence of Dr. Abdullah Alahmari, President and CEO of IMI.


The design allows for the frigate to be equipped with modern weapons and sensors, and it will be able to undertake Anti-Air Warfare (AAW), Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW), and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) missions. Additional combat capabilities include Electronic Warfare (EW), Land Attack Warfare (LAW) and the capability of anti-drone systems and to launch and recover unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Furthermore, the ship will adopt the new HHI Hi-Bow hull, reflecting the most modern and hydrodynamically efficient design to maintain operational and war fighting capability in extreme environmental conditions.

Initially, it will be manufactured in the King Salman Complex for Maritime Industries..Because in their wing in the defense exhibition the same frigat escale model is exhibited..
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