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waterproduction and -distribution as a peaceplan for Israelis, Palestinians, and their neighbours.

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    i took another look at the map, after reviewing my 'saltwater to freshwater on sunlight using existing components' thread ( https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/salt...nd-salt-full-technical-specs-for-free.532606/ ),

    and the Dead Sea, it's very very salty, right? Not much use as water-production. Plus, it's called the Dead Sea because it receives no extra water anymore.

    so i propose this simple solution to the problem of settlements and holding of strategic ground (which is always related to protecting furtile farm land) : expand furtile farmland into the deserts, not by means of chemical filters, but by a Mediterranean seawater to freshwater infrastructure[1] that would serve an even more vital function to the populations living in those areas, than roads for cars (proverbially speaking of course).

    [1] from Egypt, Israel(!), Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, all throughout the mentioned countries *and* the water-locked countries of Palestine and Jordan.
    To any Israelis reading this (and i might just post this thread to the Mossad via email later on) : why do you think the Palestinians are so land-hungry eh? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GROW THEIR OWN CROPS.
    Much like you Israelis have reasonable national priorities (a strong military) of your own that you won't let go of, i don't think the Palestinians are going to let go of their desire to grow their own crops and expand their territory into Jordan.

    { EDIT, 10 minutes later : i've now emailed this thread to the Israeli, US and Dutch governments and to several Dutch and US mass media corporations. }

    only when you start to truly co-operate with eachother for the long-term in that region, will you be able to build and protect this water infrastructure.
    only if you encourage eachother to have smaller more prosperous and peaceful families, and give up (as nations and leaders) *some* of your own lands (on an as-needed basis) not only to the rich but to the poor as well, will you enjoy true peace and prosperity.
    that's not me trying to be a Nostradamus, that's me explaining something that is common sense to me.

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