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Was Coronavirus an Engineered Biological Attack on China by America


May 28, 2011
United States
United States


WASHINGTON, March 21 (Xinhua) -- Italian general practitioners remember seeing strange pneumonia cases as early as November, which could mean the virus was circulating in parts of Italy before doctors became aware of China's COVID-19 outbreak, a U.S. radio outlet reported, citing a paper on Italy's coronavirus crisis.

The report published Thursday by U.S. media outlet National Public Radio (NPR) cited Giuseppe Remuzzi, co-author of a recent paper in The Lancet about Italy's epidemic.

According to the report, some question why Italy was caught off guard when the virus outbreak was revealed on Feb. 21. Remuzzi said he is hearing information about it from general practitioners.

"They remember having seen very strange pneumonia, very severe, particularly in old people in December and even November," the report quoted Remuzzi as saying. "This means that the virus was circulating, at least in (the northern region of) Lombardy and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China."

Remuzzi believed other countries can learn important lessons from Italy. The takeaways include how to swiftly convert a general hospital into a coronavirus care unit with specially trained doctors and nurses, said the NPR report.

Italy reported 6,557 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, raising the total to 53,578 since the pandemic first broke out in its north on Feb. 21, according to the latest data provided by the Civil Protection Department managing the COVID-19 emergency. Enditem

Same doctor. He has more to say.


"Recently, the views of an Italian medical scientist have drawn public attention. The medical scientist, Giuseppe Remuzzi , pointed out in an interview with US media NPR that Italy may have had unexplained pneumonia with highly suspected symptoms of new coronary pneumonia as early as November and December last year.

He told NPR reporters that he heard from some Italian doctors: "They remember seeing this strange pneumonia, which is very serious, especially among the elderly, in December (even last year) ... This means that before we knew about the outbreak in China, the virus had spread at least in northern Lombardy in Italy. "

In an email response to Interface News on March 22, Remuzzi shared details of the cases he knew. He emphasized that these conditions were learned by him from several doctors, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that they are new coronary pneumonia."

"I repeat, none of these cases were recorded as Covid-19, because there was no evidence of Covid-19 at that time. "

Remuzzi is a well-known professor of nephrology in Italy. He is currently the director of the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacology and the director of the Department of Immunology and Clinical Transplantation at Ospedali Riuniti Hospital in Bergamo. He has made outstanding theoretical contributions to nephrology research, authored and co-authored more than 1,000 academic articles and monographs, and won multiple international awards. He is also a member of the editorial board of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and a member of the International Advisory Board of The Lancet. His research direction is not pneumonia or infectious diseases, but Bergamo, where he is, is the hardest hit area of the epidemic.

Remuzzi told Interface News that he believes that the virus that is circulating in Italy has spread from China in some way. He cited the "New England Journal of Medicine" March 5 , "Nature - Medicine" March 17 and "natural" March 16 three scientific papers that "taking into account the incubation period, asymptomatic patients even more in December It may have been travelling inside and outside China earlier. "

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