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Warid Customers Will Have to Get their SIMs Replaced

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    After announcing Jazz as a unified brand as a result of Warid-Mobilink merger, the integration process of both the companies is now nearing its completion.

    For those who don’t know, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Mobilink, yesterday paid a farewell to the old company named Mobilink and announced that Jazz will be the new brand identity.

    Brand name Warid will be phased out in next few months until all Warid customers are shifted to Jazz network.

    This essentially means that all Warid customers will have to get new SIMs to continue using the (3G or 4G) service.

    Warid customers, with legacy SIMs (old non-4G SIMs), will have to get their SIMs replaced in order to use 3G or 4G services.

    However, those Warid users with 4G compatible SIMs can continue using the same SIMs.

    Jazz customers, on the other hands, can continue using their old SIMs (for 2G or 3G), however, they will have to upgrade SIMs if they want to use 4G services from the company.

    Once the entire integration is completed in a few months from now, old Warid SIMs won’t work and this is why all Warid customers with non-4G SIMs will have to get their SIMs upgraded before that time.

    Jazz said that it will notify all Warid customers to get their SIMs upgraded.

    Jazz said that this SIM replacement exercise for Warid and Jazz customers will be completed in phases. A plan is still being rolled out and customers will soon be informed about the timelines on when and how they can get their SIMs replaced.