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War Intensifying in Kabul



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Dec 21, 2008
In the decade of 1980 a movie with the name 'The Message' was made upon the early Islamic appearance on the earth and the early battles and circumstances faced by the Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him) and his companions. The movie was mostly criticised by the Islamic organisations all over the world including Pakistan but one thing it did have in credit, the west did get an idea of Islamic theology beside the teachings and routine of Islam. Nowadays there is a great mis-conception in the world that Islamic teachings are based on extrimism and there is nothing in Islam but the teaching of fighting and brutality. The learned people know that there was no power to actually offend Communism since the beginning of twentieth century in the field.
The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan made it an open alarm to the world that Marxism is on the way to get the sea and then it could suppress the world. Many men who had deserted Afghan Army and the Islamic movements of Afghanistan were resolved to fight against the Russians and hoped to have some aid from Pakistan. Pakistan made some initial steps which were encouraging and the United States then openly made its assistance to Pakistan to raise guerilla groups to fight communism. These groups made their ultimate sacrifices and Communism was made to bend to the knees. By then the United States was the only power left on earth without any equal rivalry. Now United States was in threat from these groups for its goals and interests which it thought to be possibly opposes by these groups or did have the thought of them being not well wishers, that it started a hunt against them. First this hunt was not open to the world and was somehow secretly carried on but later it became open and is still going on with the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan in search of them. A lot of killings of innocent humans and miseries have been faced by the world for all that. Now it is likely that the war will get more momentum in Afghanistan than Iraq. Afghanistan is a country that is situated in a location surrounded by people and nations of diverse nationalities and interests. The war if intensified in Afghanistan will get into a prolonged chain of disasters to all and naturally any power other than of the land will not win the fight there even if it be the most sophesticated and equipped with miraculous machinery. With increase in foreign troops more and more guerillas with varied and more deadly weapons will pour also into the area from around the world. What it will bring up is to just a prolonged disaster and killing.
Once a man said that there was a man from Afghanistan who had sold his property and wandering in want to buy an automatic weapon to kill an Americans, telling that his son and wife had been killed which were his ultimate link to life and now he was desirous to just sacrifise his life in revenge. Such activities give birth to the disasters that the world is facing now and people abroad think that there is some religious teaching that makes the people grow so mad. They have no time to study the situation either or just neglecting the miseries of others. How the towns are bombed and people are perished en mass. What is needed for the time is to make a diplomatic movement to make known to the world the horrors and disasters these Muslim people face. Pakistanese also need make a movie on the situation to make the world know the grief and suffering of the people who then become compelled to fight in retaliation. It also needs to clearly make look through then how they make their plans and how they make their attacks with their minimum and meagre resources trying to make maximum damage. At least the film industry is not just made to make semi sexually based stories with monotonous music and vulgar and un-natural dances and songs. Pakistan is also constantly being asked to do more and more on its part against the guerillas, the situation is not being studied by the world properly that is faced by the call of more and more use of force.

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