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Videos & Pakistani Judges:---Useless Govt

Discussion in 'Insaf - Justice' started by MastanKhan, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Two recent leaked videos of judgesand the pakistani govt is at a loss what to do---.

    A govt of the incompetent---by the incompetent---for the incompetent. A govt that is clueless what to do---a govt machinery which has no idea and no direction how to proceed---how to act---whom to charge---what position to take---.

    And that comes as no surprise---. When a state is run as a fiefdom by the families---all the state workers are like dogs waiting to get direction from the owner what to do---.

    Both these cases are of Blackmail---bringing disrepute to the judiciary and the state---creation Sedition---aiding & abetting in creating restlessness in the public---creating uncertainty in the public---direction the public towards chaos---setting up member of judiciary for a criminal act---acting and enticing a sitting judge to commit lewd behavior---acting and enticing a sitting judge who is working on a case against you into a lewd conduct---arranging to take video of the conduct with the intent of blackmailing the judge---bringing ill-repute to the judge and judiciary all in the hope of forcing the judge to drop the charges against you---.

    These acts of blackmail and those of the people who aided and abetted in making and displaying these videos should be charged with a death sentence---. They need to be summarily tried in the military courts and the criminal need to be punished severely on a fastrak judicial action---.
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