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Vaccine Co-Production: China waits for Bangladesh’s go ahead Says Chinese envoy; Sinopharm, Sinovac are all set


Dec 31, 2010
Published on 12:00 AM, July 13, 2021
Vaccine Co-Production: China waits for Bangladesh’s go ahead
Says Chinese envoy; Sinopharm, Sinovac are all set

Diplomatic Correspondent

China is waiting for the nod from the Bangladesh government to start co-production of Covid-19 vaccines in the country.

"For co-producing [of vaccines in Bangladesh], the Chinese side is ready. Sinopharm is ready, Sinovac is ready… you have very modern, very good facilities for co-production," Hualong Yan, the Chinese embassy's deputy chief of mission, said yesterday in response to a question from The Daily Star at a webinar.

"Now we are waiting for the signal from the Bangladesh government. Everything is ready, China is ready," he said at the webinar titled "Centenary of Chinese Communist Party", organised by the Association of Bangladesh-China Alumni.

In a Facebook post on July 6, Hualong said Chinese vaccine companies were working with Bangladeshi partners for future vaccine co-producing in Bangladesh.

China has so far provided vaccines to nearly 100 countries, and will provide the first batch of 10 million doses to global vaccine alliance Covax, he added.

China gifted 1.1 million Sinopharm vaccines and, under a purchase agreement, supplied two million Sinopharm jabs to Bangladesh early July.

"We are expecting five million more by this month or early next month," Hualong said, adding that China promised to supply vaccines in quantities as demanded by Bangladesh.

He said the Chinese government and vaccine producers attach high importance to the Bangladesh-China friendship.

At the event, analysts spoke of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) made immense contributions to the making of today's China, which is second only to superpower US in economic terms.

China is a success story in terms of poverty alleviation as well as institutional development, they said.

Hualong said the CCP, whose forefathers had rejuvenated and united the Chinese people, always keep the people at the centre of all.

He said no party is perfect, and that CCP amends the mistakes it makes from time to time. The party is disciplined and has a clear roadmap for what it wants to do in the future.

Hualong said China has a lot of support for Bangladesh, a dynamic country and a rising star among the least developed countries (LDCs). It is a very important member of China's Belt and Road Initiative, he said, noting that rising Asian countries including China, India and Bangladesh can make a better future for mankind.

M Sakhawat Hossain, former election commissioner and security analyst, said China is a strong force in Asia and is increasing its influence all over the world. China adapted dual policy -- capitalistic economy with communist administration -- which may be criticised by others, but the fact remains that the Chinese people have been used to it for centuries.

He also said China is Bangladesh's major trading partner and that both countries need to understand the two peoples better as the relationship deepens.

Dhaka University Supernumerary Prof Syed Anwar Hossain, former ambassador Munshi Faiz Ahmad also spoke, among others.



Mar 1, 2015
until today , 3.51 billion cumulative doses of vaccines worldwide, including 2 billion doses of China's avaccines ,57% of the total.
China has set up production centers in Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, UAE, Serbia and Brazil ,Turkey, Mexico, Malaysia.

From the distribution of these countries, there is still a shortage of production sites in southern and central Africa.
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