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US saying it will reassess relationship with Pakistan 'surprising': FO


Mar 28, 2009
United States
United States
USA wrote a $2 billion debt waiver in 1974. The pro-Soviet Congress party lost elections in 1977. India bought Jaguar combat aircraft in late 1970s (they did not purchase any Soviet combat aircraft 1972-1981). The Soviets were busy elsewhere in the world - Cambodia, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Syria
And that proved what?

You are trying to make a crow out of pigeon feathers… India tried to diversify but that didn’t worsen relationships as you are trying to paint it to somehow prove your point by hook or by crook.
There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies only permanent interests in geopolitics

Even your iron brother China dumped their comrades USSR for USA in 1969

You sound like sour grapes to me :partay: :enjoy:
There are sour grapes much as there were sour grapes in India when 24 consulates promoting terrorism shut down. Much as there were sour grapes when you couldn’t commit genocide of 300 children and much as you could not prevent F-16 from landing in Pakistan.
Sour grapes are bound to happen when national interests are not met. Either add something to the thread or get lost.

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