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US overtures and Pakistan's stand

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    Mar 2, 2012
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    By Raja G Mujtaba

    Pakistan has paid a very heavy price for American friendship and at the end of the day Pakistan stands isolated and humiliated in the eyes of its own people. This is the worst case scenario that can happen to any country. The worst started with Parvez Musharraf but the present regime has dwarfed Parvez Musharraf era, or that dwarf has grown into a full blown monster thatÂ’s eating its own children.

    Parvez Musharraf did exactly what the Indo-US nexus wanted where Zionists remained in the background and played there cards. Today Pakistan Army in particular and the Armed Forces in general has become the target of the Pakistani public. Post Musharraf Army Command has tried to retrieve the situation and did succeed to a great extent but the US kept on giving blows at regular intervals that kept on lowering the image of the Army.

    After having inducted a large number of Blackwater mercenaries into the country courtesy Haqqani (Pakistan Ambassador to the US) Network for which he is being investigated, the US arrogance increased. In 2009, there were strong rumors that close to the Presidency in Islamabad there were some 8000 US Marines for the protection against any possible Army action against Asif Ali Zardari and his government. Later when Blackwater noise got confirmed, the US Marine presence in Islamabad died down. But surprisingly, today I got an email from a very responsible person who held a very senior position saying that he got a mail from a very reliable person that there are about 15000 US Marines in the Federal Capital. The mail is reproduced:

    "Raja Saheb


    I have learned from a reasonably reliable source that there are about 15,000 marines in the Capital. How can it be confirmed. I find it very dangerous."

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