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US military twitter account 'hacked by ISIL'

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    US military twitter account 'hacked by Isil' - live - Telegraph

    US military twitter account 'hacked by Isil' - live
    US Central Command Twitter feed appears to have been hacked by Islamic State sympathisers. Follow latest updates


    By Telegraph Staff

    6:44PM GMT 12 Jan 2015

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    • US military command that oversees operations in the Middle East has Twitter and Youtube accounts suspended after apparent Isil hack
    • Pentagon official says hacking an embarrassment but does not appear to be a security threat

    18.56 Central Command is based at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida and handles American military operations covering the Middle East and Central Asia.

    It oversaw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is managing the US air strikes against Islamic State positions in Iraq and Syria.

    18.44 The hack came as US President Barack Obama was speaking about his plans for cyber security.

    US officials say they are investigating the effect of the cyber hack but it appeared no classified documents were posted by the hackers.

    A Pentagon official told Reuters that the Twitter feed hacking was an embarrassment - but did not appear to be a security threat.

    18.33 Here is a screen shot of the US Central Command's YouTube account before it was suspended:


    18.28 The Centcom YouTube channelalso appears to have been hacked - and has also been suspended "due to repeated or severe violations" of YouTube guidelines.

    The Twitter feed had several messages from hackers, including one telling American soldiers to "watch your back," and the YouTube account had two videos that appeared to be linked to the Islamic State movement.

    18.24 A US Defense Department official has confirmed to Reuters that the US Central Command Twitter account was compromised.

    The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said "Centcom is taking appropriate measures to address the matter."

    18.19 The @CENTCOM Twitter account has now been suspended after the apparent hack. It is not clea if anything tweeted while hacked was classified information.

    18.17 The US Central Command Twitter feed appeared to have been hacked on Monday by people claiming to be Islamic State sympathisers.

    "In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the CyberCaliphate continues its CyberJihad," the Centcom Twitter feed said.



    The Twitter account published a list of generals and addresses associated with them, titled "Army General Officer Public Roster (by rank) 2 January 2014."

    Other posts on the Centcom twitter account read: "Pentagon Networks Hacked! China Scenarios" and "Pentagon Networks Hacked. Korean Scenarios."