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US Military Top Secret Anti-Gravity Spacecraft TR-3B

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Nov 17, 2013
United States
United States

What the....


This might be the 6th generation aircraft experiment or even beyond. Damn. :o:
In 1952 the U2 spyplane flew
in 1960 one was shot down
in 1962 the A-12 (precursor to the SR-71 blackbird flew)
in 1964 the SR-71 flew as the U2 replacement (only 4 years after the U2 incident)
then silence...for what...2020-1964=56 years

You better believe they must have built some crazy stuff in that 56 year timeframe.

Just look at this crazy thing they built over 50 years ago. Even now with our minds jaded after years of sci-fi it still looks like a Star Wars type spaceship. Imagine the WTF look on the first pilot's face in the early 1960's when they asked him to fly it.

Now imagine the insane WTF look pilot's must be doing with the latest stuff!

The story is "oh we have satellites now". Well Area-51 doesn't make satellites..and it hasn't shut down by a longshot.
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