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US, Japan begin war games; China denounces drills


Apr 17, 2010
Comment from a favourite commenter of mine.

Thanks for the interesting report by BD’s Far East reporter Zachary Hosford. Not wanting to be the skunk that spoils the lawn party I am curious about the purpose of such meetings between the military’s of both nations. Firstly, what is the ostensible objective for these talks? Secondly, what leverage do we have considering a dollar of Chinese military spending probably forces four or five dollars of American military spending (borrowed from China?) to offset growing Chinese capabilities?

My gut tells me the latter point is the real reason for Gates desire to engage the Chinese thus likely answering the first point. Gates observes the slow motion economic unraveling overtaking our country and likely realizes that the Chinese enjoy a distinct asymmetrical advantage in the impact of their defense spending upon America’s ability to fund our own armed forces future needs. Not being fools why would the Chinese want to alter this very favorable return on their defense investment?

Personally, I think Gates is the right man for this job and I wish him well on this endeavor and hope he succeeds. But I just don’t see what kind of an incentive the U.S. can offer to the Chinese in order for them to sacrifice an advantage? Notice how little success we are having in getting them just to modestly revalue the yaun? Why should they? The new rising China has normal nationalistic impulses of its own and a desire to become the dominant hegemonic power of East Asia and I just don’t see how we can alter that ambition while our own economic health is suffering from arterial sclerosis?
From this article

When is a good time to talk to China's generals? How about ... right now! - By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense

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they have oil now. that changes everything.

one way or another, we need to get our foot into USA's backyard. if cuba isn't it, i don't know what is. venezuela's leader is incompetent. he talks big and i like what i hear, but that's only for hearing... not good for strategic planning. but he sits down on oil too.
Cubans? Really?


May 5, 2010
Russian Planes Interrupt US-Japan Exercise

TOKYO, Japan -- Two Russian planes entered air space above the Sea of Japan where U.S. and Japanese troops were conducting joint drills Monday, causing a temporary halt to the exercise, U.S. and Japanese officials said Wednesday.

Japanese fighters scrambled in response, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Public Relations Noriyuki Shikata said during a press briefing at the Prime Minister's office. He did not say whether there was any interaction between the Japanese and Russian aircraft.

The U.S.-Japan training -- part of the bilateral Keen Sword exercise now under way in the skies and waters surrounding Japan -- was briefly stopped because of safety risks posed by Russian IL-38's entering the maneuvering space, U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Kenneth Hoffman said. The IL-38 is a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft.

Because the exercise was taking place in international airspace, the move by Russia was "not unexpected" and did not significantly affect training operations, Hoffman said.

It is the second incident in as many months that some have interpreted as a potential strain on Japan-Russia relations.
In November, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited outlying islands claimed by both countries, which the Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara reportedly toured by a plane last week.

Russian Planes Interrupt US-Japan Exercise

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