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US experts train police on CSI


Dec 27, 2009
US experts train police on CSI

Dhaka, Feb 23 (bdnews24.com)— A five-day exchange between law enforcers of Bangladesh and the US focusing on crime scene investigation (CSI) and evidence collection techniques ended on Thursday.

US ambassador to Dhaka Dan Mozena said the exchange is an example of how the US and Bangladesh can partner together to enhance their shared capabilities and fight a threat that is faced by every country, according to a media statement from the US embassy.

"Transnational criminals and their organisations know no borders," the release quoted Mozena as saying at the conclusion of the training, organised by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Defence, in partnership with the Bangladesh Police Staff College.

The FBI's acting attaché in Bangladesh, Nathan Surface, said the evolving nature of transnational crime requires an array of sophisticated tools, specialised examination, and scientific methods to ensure that culprits are successfully brought to justice.

"I have seen case after case where forensic evidence has made a difference—excluding individuals from suspicion, identifying those responsible for the crimes, and giving victims closure and a measure of justice," he was quoted in the media statement as saying.

Six FBI and one Department of Defense's subject matter experts, 41 Bangladeshi officers from the Special Branch, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Detective Branch, and Criminal Investigation Department participated in the exchange, the statement added.

Some of the topics covered include crime scene administration and management, body fluid and blood collection, crime scene photography, DNA evidence collection, hair and fiber collection, latent fingerprints, and human remains recovery, it added.

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