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US election Tamilnadu vs Delhi : Prayers for Harris in ancestral village, for Trump in Delhi


Mar 22, 2013

CHENNAI, India: Supporters of US vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris held prayers near her ancestral village in Tamilnadu ahead of Tuesday's (Nov 3) US election, while a Hindu fringe group sought divine blessings for her rival Donald Trump.

The southern Indian region where Harris' maternal grandfather was born is rooting for the Democratic Party to win because of the family connection.

Hours ahead of the US presidential election, people living in and around Thulasendrapuram, the village of Harris' grandfather, gathered at a temple for special prayers.

Hundreds of miles north in Delhi, nearly two dozen members of a group known as Hindu Sena (Hindu Army) joined a priest wearing saffron robes to conduct fire rituals and chant verses for Trump's victory

They held up pictures of the leader with one of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi resting to the side.

"India can fight terrorism only if Trump is around, and both China and Pakistan will stay restrained as long as he is the president," the group's founder, Vishnu Gupta, said by 'phone.

"We wish Harris well because of her Indian ancestry, but vice presidents are not as powerful."

Source: Reuters

Hindu Sena (Hindu Army) offering prayers to Macron

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