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UPDATE: Syrian Surface-To-Air Missile Flew Way Off Course Triggering Alarms Before Exploding Over Israel


Feb 26, 2012
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Gen. Bagheri:
The Zionists think that they can permanently target the Syrian territory and be mischievous in different places and seas and get away with it.

He added: 'Certainly, the actions taken in the last few days and the future actions that endanger their interests will bring them to their senses, and the future of the Resistance Front is clear.'

General Bagheri continued: 'We will not announce anything about the perpetrator of the incidents and we do not know who he is, but the Resistance Front will give a fundamental answer to the Zionists.'

The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces said about Iran's response if the Zionist regime's mischief continues: 'It is not clear what Iran's response will be, but the Zionist regime will not be calm.'


Oct 2, 2015
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Baseless accusations.

Updates are coming from independent sources now.

Example in post # 232: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/upda...re-exploding-over-israel.708302/post-13080151

Thread title is amended accordingly.


Baseless accusations again.

Your version of events are not independently verified to my knowledge. You could tag me and mention your sources instead of accusing me of supporting Israel and USA in this matter. This is not the way to address Moderators and their decisions.

I am apolitical about this matter; FACTS and VERIFIABILITY are important considerations in my view.

I honestly cannot ensure 100% satisfaction of every member here because different countries are on collision course with each other and there is too much difference of opinion to process for my tastes. Do not accuse me of picking sides in your squabbles without careful look at my contributions. I will not tolerate this BS anymore.

See above.

Any further overreactions will be sorted out.



Sometimes the news sources are being used to spread propaganda: weaponized information aimed at achieving a certain political goal. Usually this is to incriminate hatred amongst groups of people or vilify them. PDF does not believe in aiding the spread of propaganda that does not mean that PDF is closed to discussions about such pieces. When you are to post such pieces of information for the sake of discussion or clarification, kindly clearly state so in your post otherwise it would be treated as aiding the spread of propaganda and would result in penalization.

This thread is but a reminder of how propaganda is conducted through "tweets."

It is important to consider updates from well-informed sources in relation to any development.
Did you even read your own sources before banning me for almost 2 weeks? How could i reply to your QUOTE while being banned?

Both of the sources mentioned in your post show that the title you chose for this thread belongs to Israeli mouth pieces. But on the other its also mentioned in both TRT and Al-Jazeera that independent sources from Al-Jazeera and others are pointing to a huge explosion which shook the earth and Israelis sensed the shockwaves from tens of miles away.

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