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Uncovering the Miscalculations in Pakistan's Regime Change Operation


Nov 5, 2008
In the course of the regime change operation, PMIK was removed from office by the Pakistani establishment, which did not foresee any public backlash. Nonetheless, the ensuing public reaction has been deemed by some as a miscalculation on the establishment's part. Nevertheless, the true nature of their miscalculation may be more nuanced and intricate than it appears at first glance.

The crux of their miscalculation lies in their decision to support IK in politics. For years, the Pakistani establishment has been selecting and grooming individuals for political office, favoring those who are easily influenced and willing to act as puppets. Such individuals would not hesitate to sell out their own people's interests, as Zardari did with the Sindhis and Sharifs with the Punjabis. However, IK stood out from the crowd by refusing to do so, particularly in the case of drone attacks.

But Imran Khan was not the only miscalculation on their part. The armed forces also employ a selection process that has identified many individuals similar to Imran. The Pakistani establishment has even made attempts on IK's life and has killed other Imrans in the armed forces. These events highlight the establishment's firm grip on the system, which perpetuates miscalculations and assassinations. It is imperative to investigate how many people like Imran have fallen victim to this system within the armed forces.

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