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Ukraine commissions two new Gurza-M patrol craft as it rebuilds naval combat capability

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    An artist's impression of the Centaur assault boat. Sources suggest up to six could be delivered by 2020. Source: State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre, Ukraine
    Key Points
    • Ukraine set to commission first two of nine planned Gurza-M patrol craft
    • Navy is seeking to re-constitute its force in the wake of the 2014 Crimea crisis
    The Ukrainian navy's two new Gurza-M class riverine patrol boats Akkerman (foreground) and Berdyansk pictured on sea trials. Nine are planned, and up to 18 could be built. (Ukrainian Navy)

    The Ukrainian Navy will commission two Project 58155 Gurza-M missile-capable riverine patrol boats on 6 December, following lengthy acceptance trials designed to resolve some technical challenges.

    The commissionings are part of a wider Ukrainian programme to rebuild its naval force structure after the loss of nearly two-thirds of its fleet during Russia's annexation of Crimea in March 2014. The navy is moving forward with the aim of creating what is termed a 'mosquito fleet' - made up of around 30 small- and medium-sized combatants - at the centre of a new naval force structure it aims to have in place by 2020. Ukrainian sources say the current fleet numbers around 40 vessels in total, the majority of which are auxiliary platforms.

    Designed by Ukraine's State Research and Design Shipbuilding Centre, construction of the two 23 m, 56-tonne patrol boats vessels - Akkerman (U 174) and Berdyansk (U 175) - took place at the Leninska Kuznya shipyard in Kiev. Work began in 2012, although funding challenges meant that build was not completed until late 2015.

    The vessels are armed with two BM-5M.01 Katran-M gun-missile systems.

    Along with these two craft, four more Gurza-M boats are in build, and another three are on order.

    The country is also building two 24.3 m, 54.5-tonne Project 58181 Centaur-class combat boats that are fitted with guns, and grenade and rocket launchers, and are capable of transporting up to 32 troops. These combat boats are currently under construction at Leninska Kuznya.

    The 'mosquito fleet' concept is viewed as a more cost- and time-effective option for maintaining presence at sea, according to Captain Andrii Ryzhenko, the navy's deputy chief of staff, when compared to a more traditional naval force structure.

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    The boats are designed to protect and defend ports and sea (river) communications within the territorial waters; isolate areas of sea (river) shore; protect shipping on border rivers; and assist the State Border Service of Ukraine to strengthen the protection of the state border.


    Displacement - 50.7 tones;
    Length - 23 m;
    Width - 4.8 m;
    Draught - 1.0 m;
    Power - two CAT 3406E diesel engines of Caterpillar company with total capacity of 2000 h.p.;
    Maximum speed - 28 knots;
    Economical speed - 11 knots;
    Cruising range - 700 miles;
    Autonomy - 5 days;
    Crew - 5 people;


    2 remote controlled sea weapon stations BM-5M.01 "Katran-M" consisting of:
    - 30-mm automatic cannons ZTM1.
    - 30-mm automatic grenade launchers.
    - 7.62-mm machine gun CT.
    - 2-ATGM "Barrier" with a laser guidance system

    Optoelectronic fire control system.



    Centaur is a high-speed armored assault boat designed to tackle threats in the coastal area and rivers, to fight an opponent or conduct landing operations. "Centaur" is a further development based on armored boat "Gurza" and "Gurza-M", in comparison with which "Centaur" has extended functionality for specific tasks.


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