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UK Pakistani Boxer - Azam Azim can be world champion in two years(opinion piece)

Maula Jatt

Jul 24, 2021
United States

Adam Azim can become a world champion within the next two years after displaying his dazzling speed in another blistering stoppage win, says Johnny Nelson.

The talented 20-year needed just 66 seconds to stop Anthony Loffet and claim the WBC Youth Inter-Continental super-lightweight title on Saturday night.

Sky Sports expert Nelson believes Azim can emulate former world champion Prince Naseem Hamed by making a swift rise up the rankings.

If he doesn't box for a world title in the next two years, I don't know what I'm talking about.

"I've seen Naz first hand, the development of his career. So people can scoff and say 'Nelson, you don't know what you're talking about.'

The same things were said about Naz. Naz was a trailblazer. This young man can do the same. Transferrable skill, take it beyond domestic level, European level, he can do that.

The support he has here, can you imagine that on an international scale? Realistically, it can happen, you've just got to believe

We have home grown talent here. This young man can be a world beater. People need to get behind him and support him and believe in him."

Azim: I want to keep knocking people out in style
Azim's performance left a massive impression on one of the biggest names in British boxing, who was sat ringside. Amir Khan is someone the Slough fighter looked up to growing up and Azim was delighted as Khan said the super-lightweight prospect is "very special" and "will go far".

Azim himself was pleased with the first-round KO and delighted to hear the praise from his childhood idol

It was a tremendous performance," Azim said. "It was a great statement for me to knock him out in 66 seconds as well - and also having Amir Khan ringside watching me fight and saying those great words about me, it just means a lot.

"Amir Khan has opened the doors for the Asian-Pakistani boxers and he's one of the best to come from England and for him like to just be at ringside watching me, he said some great words about me as well, which is lovely."

Khan also tipped Azim to become one of Britain's youngest world champions and the fighter himself believes he also has the potential to follow through on his promise.

"For him to say that it means a lot to me because I'm going to go back in the gym, train hard and and prove to everyone that I can become the world champion at a really young age. This is just the first of many, want to grab the titles with both hands. And yeah, my chance will come in a couple years' time to grab that belt."

Azim is sensible enough to recognise, though, that he has to build up to that. He has not faced a challenge worthy of his talents yet and the Berkshire prodigy is keen to strike a balance between continuing to build a name for himself, entertaining the fans and picking more challenging fights.

He is hungry to continue progesssing.

"My main focus right now is to get as many fights as I can," Azim said. "Get the knockouts, keep entertaining the fans, building my name up and grabbing all the domestic titles with both hands and keep winning in style.

"In the future, I would love [to have some] big fights in England. I'm going to sit down with my team and see what names that I can see who can take me three rounds and get me some experience in the rounds. But obviously I want to keep knocking these people out in style."

Apparently these 2 UK-pakistani Young men are being touted as the next big thing in world boxing scene

It'll be cool to have a global Pakistani world champion in the boxing scene

Good luck to the Azim brothers

@waz Adam Azim is the better prospect right?

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Trango Towers

Oct 29, 2016
United Kingdom
I saw video of him doing wudu and in the musjid his head was down and humble. This is what makes champions. He knows who the real master is .... Inshallah wish him luck

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