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UK asked to nab Indian army chief, home minister over Kashmir 'war crimes'


Dec 22, 2021
Oh Lord, you really are an idiot par excellence.
What colour is the sky in your fantasy world, Pink?

Hope you'll decide to join the rest of us in the real world, and discuss facts, till then auf wiedersehen, you fool.
You the idiot of the first water and I am sure it comes from your mothers side.


Dec 29, 2019
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
A civilian can perform citizen's arrest if they come across these Nazis in the UK or any other part of the world.

I'm afraid not, it doesn't quiet work that way. But, it's an interesting idea.
You the idiot of the first water and I am sure it comes from your mothers side.

Ok let's not get personal and keep the family out, or I will report you.

Looks like you are getting your knickers in a twist.
Please go wash them before before your mummy see them, she will feel ashamed.

You're a Bad boy, or girl or whatever you are.
Khusra? No balls, yeah I bet you're a Khusra, now it makes a lot of sense.


Sep 14, 2010
New Zealand
New Zealand
When did the world ever care about people dying in a far away country. They let Jews die in Germany untill their own asses were on fire, they also let colonizers wipe out an entire group of Human races in "New world".
Just because the world is silent because of economic reasons it doesn't mean the genocide isn't happening. Open your eyes for once and stop being a genocide denying cunt.

Are you seriously telling me the cow piss guzzling dot head who literally skinned alive Muslims would have let them chose country of their choice? It seems your grip on history and geopolitics is about as much strong as your ability to larp

I like your saying"....till their own asses are on fire"..... Now this is a very human thing....

- US and west helped China from mid 20th century till now...."till their own asses are on fire"...now they have become adversaries.
- US/West ignored rising terrorism/Jehadism as even used it against Soviets...But post 9/11..."When their own asses are on fire"....they started war on terrorism
- Pakistan harboured proxies (terrorists) and supported all Jehadis till it's *** is on fire through TTP etc....they then started military operation against them
- Indian had huge political support for LTTE of Sri Lanka... "till it' *** was on fire" (LTTE killed their ex PM) ..... then all that support vanished

So as it is said ....their are no morals...just interests......

Now genocide is ethnic cleansing of mass populations.......Has Muslim population of Kashmir decreased since 1947?... So you can call it as atrocities but not genocide.

So you are justifying your sending tribals to invade Kashmir as Indians would not have let them choose their country....How do you know? Hari Singh knowing that 2/3 of his population is Muslim, wanted to be independent than joining either of dominion. It all got messed up because of impatience shown by Pakistani rulers and sending tribal forces to invade...

On your use of abuse and filthy language against me....was unnecessary. Maintain your dignity.

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