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UAV War: The battle for a piece of the European cake

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    UAV War: The battle for a piece of the European cake
    Israeli industries are battling with companies from Italy and the United States to win contracts to operate drones on EU projects. According to reports, a European manager examines the aerospace industry's UAV, in parallel with an Italian UAV inspection

    Ami Rohx Dumba | 9/12/2019 Contact author

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    Heron-1 UAV. Photo: Courtesy of IAI

    Israel, Italy and the United States are waging behind-the-scenes wars to win the share of Frontex's budget cake, European Border Protection Manager. Alongside EMSA drones, the EU Maritime Defense Agency provides drones for border control activities.

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    According to a report by the German website Heise.de, the operation of Frontex drones began in the fourth quarter of 2019, former EU transport commissioner Violeta Bolk noted in an appendix to a response to a question by the German MP. General maritime surveillance "and border control in Greece. For the purpose of the mission, the I-1 industry of the US industry and UAV Falco of Italian Leonardo have been examined, with Europeans soon expected to test the" predator "of US General Atomics.

    According to the Commission, EMSA signed 10 contracts for UAV missions in 2019. For example, they received contracts under the organization Tekever and UAVision Portuguese companies, Shabel from Austria, Elbit from Israel and US Lockheed Martin. The most active UAV operating areas were Portugal And Croatia, and flights were made in Denmark, Iceland, Italy and Spain. In addition to maritime surveillance, the Commission also noted that another purpose of using UAVs is to control manic emissions and fight pollution.

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    EMSA has received eight official requests from EU countries for next year to operate drones in the maritime arena. Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Netherlands and France are among the requesting countries. An increasing number of refugee boats arriving on its shores.

    Undoubtedly, the world's leading UAV industries want to enter into EMSA and Frontex projects, and not just because of their direct financial gain. Utilizing UAVs in these projects can give the industry the benefit of future European tenders. In light of this, it seems likely that Israeli industries will face intense competition from the American ones, who can use the White House cranes for this purpose.