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Oct 28, 2016
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
What is length of CJ 10 ?
I did you a service, here's the specs according to the GlobalSecurity.org version:

Land-Attack Cruise Missiles (LACM) - Specifications
The reported specifications are at wide variance, and can only be considered best estimates by western military analysts. Some of the smaller dimensions and higher performance numbers seem to assume that the Chinese have simply replicated the American Tomahawk, while the larger dimensions and lower performance suggest a "Tomahawk with Chinese characteristics", reflecting the general Chinese lag in engine technology.

China/U.S. DesignationDH-10 (DF-10)/CJ-10
Missile VariantsCJ-20 / YJ-100 / DH-2000 / DF-10A / CJ-10K
Designer/ProducerPeople’s Republic of China
manufacturerChina Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Third Research Institute
RetirementStill in service
Mobility and RoleRoad Mobile / Surface-to-surface / Land-Attack Cruise Missile
Launch platformWS2400 8 x 8 TEL (CJ-10/10A) triple installation
Type 093G submarine [probably not as of 2019]
Type 052D destroyer
Type 055 destroyer
H-6K strategic bomber (CJ-20 / KD-20)
Number of Units40-55 GLCM Launchers - 200-500 missiles “est”
Range1500-2000 km
1500~2500 km
2,000km / 930 nautical miles / 1,070 miles
2200 – 2500 km
4,000+ km
launch weight1090 kg
1800 kg
2.5 tons
Length6300 mm
7.2 m
8.3 meters w/ booster
Diameter514 mm
0.60 meters
0.68 meters
0.75 m
Wingspan3100 mm
booster Stages/PropellantSingle/Solid
sustainer engine typeR95-300 turbofan
Flight speedMach 0.75 (917 km / h)
Mach 0.8
Flight ceilingabout 10,000 feet
Flight altitude30-50/150 meters
50-150 meters
about 10,000 feet
Warhead TypeNuclear or Conventional
Warhead Weight300~500 kg
450-500 kilogram (1000-1100 pound)
MIRV?No MIRV capability
Yield20-90 kt
Cruise Guidance System
  • Inertial + satellite
  • inertial + terrain matching + satellite
terminal guidanceoptical scene matching composite guidance
circular error probable (CEP)5-10 meters
10 meters
100~300 meters
System reaction time10 sec.

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