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akshay gehlot

Nov 21, 2013
United States
You've basically described the problem but still don't see it. The fact that a token acquisition of Rafales after more than 15 years of the MMRCA without any foresight into how that would affect the IAF and IN, resulting in effectively duplicating the Rafale in the form of the TEDBF, is the problem.

If the Rafale was acquired to replace the Mirages, why then was there a need to enlarge the LCA to effectively the M2K weight and overall performance? In fact, if you're so confident about the timeline of the MWF taking flight, why not simply replace the M2K with the MWF rather than importing Rafales? Do you see how you and the indian defence establishment appear to be going round in circles? Coming up with one excuse after another without any clear foresight.
Christ you have absolutely zero idea how aircraft acquistions and timelines work ..... When the Rafale was finalized and ordered the TEDBF wasn't even an idea and neither was MWF ,

I'm gonna put it very simply so even a baby brain could comprehend

Initial plan (replace Mirages,Jags,Mig29s ) with 126 MMRCA jets , Rafale finalized around 2009 , What happened from 2019-14 was that the then govt became embroiled in scams and gave absolutely **** all interest to capex for defence so quite a few years were lost while nothing much happened

New plan , Import 36 Rafales directly in a G2G deal and explore other alternatives for the remaining jets , HAL says they can modify Mk2 to meet these requirements ,IAF says go ahead .

So why not scrap Rafale all together and just go for MWF ? .... Simple because one is being delivered rn and the other would take till 2027-8 and IAF squadron strength is already below desired level , Rafales and Tejas inductions keeps it steady at 33 for now , Plus allows IAF to keep pace with China introducing J-20

So why not scrap MWF and just order all Rafales ? ... Because it would be too costly , the TOT wouldn't give much opportunity for technical advancement and right now both IAF and HAL has confidence in the chances of MWF being built

So why model MWF on Mirage2000 ?

The MWF is being modeled on the Mirage because that's the airframe ,design and multirole characteristic that IAF has liked the most and is most pleased with among all its medium fighters evaluations and has used in missions to success , So rather than having 5-6 varied type of medium weight fighters they'll just have Rafale and MWF both of which are inspired by Mirage2000

You seem to think its "going in circles " to develop a fighter to have Raffy/Mirage characteristics because IAF already has both but fail to realize just how big a boost it will be to IAF , MOD and its coffers that their favorite multirole fighter design can now be made in India and will cost them much less than importing . Its also a noticeable increase in complexity and design which will be the next stage of learning for HAL after Tejas

Complete garbage and backtracking...you indians have been barking for the past few decades about the mighty Su-30MKI being the 'raptor' of the east and the spearhead of the IAF, and now its relegated? And again with the Rafale replacing the M2K when the MWF is supposed to do that, according to you on your previous post, along with the Mig-29.
I'm sorry do you have trouble reading ? ..... or do you not understand what "Air Superiority fighter " means , It is still the spearhead of the IAF and will continue to be , It is still the biggest weapon and will continue to be ...Nobody is backtracking or relegating anything about Su-30 , It is and will continue to be IAF's most potent weapon in full combat situation

Just because IAF prefers the Mirage/Raffy design for special ops and ground attack doesn't mean Su-30 isn't their spearhead .

I mentioned the F-15 precisely because this is how the USAF utilized it with it being the Air combat and Air superiority plane while jets like A-10,F-4 ,F-16 were used for close in attack

Good luck with that timeline. The real problem is the IAF has little to no confidence with HAL/ADA, to mitigate the debacle of the LCA being repeated in the form of the MWF and the TWDBF, it has to resort to spending on the Rafale. However, the bigger problem looming for the IAF is 5Gen, now that the Russians have kicked you indians off the PAKFA, the IAF only has the option of the AMCA.
Again displaying little to no knowledge of the situation , India left the FGFA program of its own after seeing the low technical knowledge we were getting from it and the speed at which it was progressing . PAKFA is still not ready for even RuAF and is so expensive that Russia themselves have scaled down their numbers

4.5++ gen jets are and will continue to be the backbone of most airforces (USA,Israel,Russia,Saudi,China etc) are all still developing and buying 4.5 gen jets , they're going nowhere for a while especially more so in our situation where both Pak and China have hundreds of 3rd-4th-4.5 gen fighters
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Jan 6, 2021
Bruh why does this look like a mix of an F-35+EuroFighter Typhoon + F-16 + Rafale lol ?
Maybe the design team copied the best features of each of these. Or maybe they designed it from scratch which has similarities to these.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a combination of all these? ;)


Mar 24, 2020
United States
TEDBF brochure from ADA. Now that the wind tunnel model is in testing, I would expect some more refinement of the design going forward before more detailed design activities begin.

Targeted induction date into service is 2031, which is 10 years from now. To achieve that, the prototype will need to be in flight tests at least by 2026. At least 4-5 years of flight and carrier compatibility testing will be required before TEDBF achieves IOC.

The FCS will be a derivative of the FCS that is being developed for the Tejas Mk2, and there will be a lot of avionics commonality between TEDBF and Tejas Mk2. Both platforms have similar surfaces (leading edge slats, elevons, single rudder and canards) so it will definitely be using the Tejas Mk2 FCS as the baseline from which to modify it for the TEDBF.

Radar will most likely be the GaN variant of Uttam AESA radar. (LRDE has recently fabricated a GaN plank which is the building block for beginning to assemble a GaN AESA radar prototype).



Feb 17, 2020
TEDBF with CATS warrior drones will be a lethal combination ... some of CATS team is already being tested.

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