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Turkish armored vehicle Ejder Yalçın retrofits new mortar system


Apr 28, 2011
Turkish armored vehicle Ejder Yalçın retrofits new mortar system
Nurol Makina's Ejder Yalçın equipped with Aselsan's Alkar 120-mm Mortar Weapon System in a photo provided on Feb. 9, 2021. (Courtesy of Nurol Makina)

FEB 09, 2021 2:35 PM

Turkish armored vehicle manufacturer Nurol Makina has completed a new configuration of its Ejder Yalçın 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles (TWAV). The vehicles are now able to fire mortars with an integrated new system.
While drawing attention to its high protection capability, superior mobility and load-carrying capacity, the Ejder Yalçın completed its qualification tests as a mortar vehicle using the new configuration, an Anadolu Agency (AA) report said Tuesday.

The Alkar 120 mm Mortar Weapon System and subsystems used in the retrofit were also developed domestically by leading Turkish defense company Aselsan. It is a modern weapon system integrated on a turret equipped with an Automatic Barrel Laying System, an Automatic Ammunition Loading System, a Recoil Mechanism and Fire Control Systems.

The Ejder Yalçın's configuration can provide fire support for commando, infantry and motorized and mechanized infantry units in conventional and asymmetrical war environments. It includes a 120-mm mortar gun, semiautomatic ammunition loading system, ammunition storage system and fire control system.

The vehicle's stability allows it to make precision hits while also quickly and safely changing places after firing thanks to its mobility, an important capability for heavy armored vehicles.
The combat machine has different configurations with which the new vehicle can jointly operate. The Ejder Yalçın Reconnaissance Observation Vehicle, for instance, which is capable of acting as a "forward observer" is able to precisely detect targets, allowing the Ejder Yalçın Mortar Vehicle to then hit them.

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Other configurations of the battle-tested vehicle include an air defense vehicle, a command-control vehicle, a combat vehicle, a personnel carrier, a mine/improvised explosive device (IED) detection-destruction vehicle, an ambulance, a radar vehicle, a jammer (signal interceptor) vehicle, an anti-tank guided missile vehicle, a surveillance and security vehicle and a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense vehicle.

The local defense company has sold a large number of its armored vehicles to both domestic users and purchasers abroad. With the integration, Ejder Yalçın will meet the operational needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), gendarmerie personnel and international buyers. Nurol Makina's armored vehicle family consists of the Ejder Toma, the Ejder Yalçın, the Ejder Kunter, the Ilgaz and the Yörük. Late last year, five Turkish defense companies signed a $150 million (TL 1.14 billion) export agreement with Tunisia. The Ejder Yalçın is one of the products that will be exported to the Maghreb country.

In line with the contracts signed with its international users, the company continues to work on configurations in which different payloads are integrated in a way to respond to both user feedback and technological developments.

Thanks to the continuous training it provides to its users and the service network it has established around the world, Nurol Makina can offer its buyers timely maintenance of its machines.

It has already exported to countries like Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Qatar and it is expanding its target customer area into Europe and South Asia as Hungary, Romania and Malaysia have occasionally shown interest in the local armored vehicle manufacturer's products.

Nurol Makina, thanks to its economic performance, made the biggest jump among local defense companies, rising to 179th place from 373rd on the “Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of Turkey 2019” survey prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) and announced last year.



Aug 26, 2010
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
these type of vehicles Turkey has a edge over top Western producers


Feb 25, 2021
We are missing out on good Turk mraps
Dear Ahmet. There has been an intense competition in the Turkish defense industry's tactical vehicles sector for a long time. Many important companies, including Nurol, FNSS, Tümosan, Otokar, BMC, (and some others) continue their R&D studies in this field for get ahead from others. Naturally, they try to use all the technical skills of the Turkish defense industry in their products as subsystems and weapon configurations. In addition to the companies' unique concepts, another driving force is the needs and new system definitions that are shaped around the TAF land doctrines. Companies are making significant progress thanks to these projects. However, although the TAF has one of the few land armies in the world, there is no domestic demand to meet economic expectations of all of these companies, which pushes the relevant companies to work export-oriented. KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar to Kazakhstan and even Indonesia, it is possible to see the joint efforts or subsidiaries that are being formed with these friendly countires. Turkish companies are very keen to share their know-how and technical infrastructure on these issues. The sale successes of Nurol Ejder in just a few years from the first production is one of the indicators of this.

Nurol Holding is also direct shareholder of FNNS, one of the world's fully automatic pedestal mounted mortar integrators on 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles. These vehicles are currently operating succesfully in the land forces of countries such as Oman, Malaysia. But Aselsan Alkar MWS that should be highlighted under this thread, because of this mortar artillery system constitutes the core of the system @Zarvan have introduced above. Nurol Ejder tactical vehicles are just one of the walking/shot&scoot vehicles used for this needs. Alkar system designed as a part of the company/battalion level identification and fire automation system in a broader sense. Alkar, which can reach a range of 8 kilometers depending on the rifled or smootbore barrel type, can be prepared to fire in less than 1 minute and to change positions in less than 10 seconds. While all these provide a wide area of effect, enable Alkar to make the effect of 3 high-caliber mortars alone.

Aselsan Alkar MWS is a fully automatic mortar artillery system that can be adapted to all tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles thanks to its modular and compact design. Users can also acquire this system by modifying the tactical wheeled or tracked vehicles they already have. As an example there is also a modification package for the US origin M113 APCs that are still widely using in the world armies. Alkar has variants suitable for different needs in calibers between 81-120mm, for fixed/base defense as well as tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles. Today's warfare conditions require every unit in the field to benefit from instant digital communication and act as a whole. Alkar can work integrated with Command&Control units, perform precise ballistic calculations and work under Fire Support Automation System. Also it is seen that asymetric advantages such as mobilty and shot&scoot characteristics are gaining importance esp in this type tactical level artillery systems. Briefly, Aselsan Alkar MWS is a modern and state-of-art mortar weapon system solution that has emerged for this purpose.

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