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Turkey's parliament ratifies Finland's membership in NATO

Yongpeng Sun-Tastaufen

Oct 15, 2017
Lol lmao really? What would have done when China was an agricultural country ruled by dozens if warlords several powers U.S,UK, Japan, Russia, France, etc eith their colonial spheres and territorial concessions in China? Lol
Anyway, I asked one question what did Sun Zu achieved for China in his times? Lol Nothing. You can takk about Genghis Khan from mongolia and his generals who conquered China and much of Asia, Middle east, all the way to even some Eastern European balkan states , ast parts of Russia etc. Yes that will be a real conqueror who had a tremendous impact globally.
As I said, Sun Tzu was merely a military scholar. Nothing more..Good tactics/strategies in his books though. 😁

China was top military power in the world during Sun Tzu's time.


Mar 2, 2018
This is of course related to geography and as elders says, geography is destiny. But in a nutshell, China, with all its antecedent state structures, has never been reach that global military deterrance as today, despite dominating much of Asia many times in its thousands of years of history. Outside its traditional hinterland, its military and political influence has always been limited and insignificant by distance nations and countries.

The first empire that managed to exert global military+politic influence far away from the center of gravity of the world was the United States with the world wars. And for the first time in its history, China is consolidating its global influence politically and militarily, not limited to trade and production functions. So second example will be China. As the US loses its centrality, China will be the second example to do so. In fact, by many criteria, it seems to have done so. China has come here with very clever and artistically crafted strategies and I think it is unlikely to be pushed back now. I respect Chinese history, but the modern Chinese state is the culmination of this thousand-year journey. This is a point that is not in China's past. Whether China will use this power like the US or work for a fairer world order is an open question.

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