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Turkey tested Atmaca anti-ship missile on Kamaz chassis


Mar 21, 2022
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Previously, the missile has already been tested, the result of hitting it in the photo, according to the Turkish side, the missiles are not very susceptible to the effects of most electronic warfare systems. The ground installation of the complex has four launch containers and is placed on the chassis of the Russian KamAZ (8X8). The new Atmaca rocket is subsonic and is equipped with a Safran (Turbomeca) TR140 turbojet engine and a solid rocket booster. In the future, the rocket engine will be replaced by a Turkish small-sized KALE 3500 turbojet engine. The warhead of the rocket is a high-explosive fragmentation unit weighing 250 kg. The missile is equipped with an active radar seeker, as well as an inertial satellite guidance unit and two-way data transmission equipment. During the flight, the missile can be given new targets to hit. The missile range is 250 kilometers, weight -750 kg. Rocket length from 4.3 - 5.2 m.


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