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Turbofan and Turbojet Engine Projects in the Turkish aviation industry


Mar 2, 2018
Many of our companies, especially TUSAŞ Engine Industry (TEI) and Kale ARGE, carry out activities in the field of engines, which is one of the biggest shortcomings in TR's defense and aerospace industry. In the past, our companies that produced small-diameter engines and carried out a small number of engine projects; The number of projects has increased significantly thanks to the increase in their design, production and material capabilities and the experience gained.

While the number of projects is increasing, the product range of companies is expanding day by day. The transition process to domestic turboprop, turboshaft, turbojet and turbofan engines, which were developed in many defense projects realized with engines supplied from foreign countries in the past, has begun. As in the case of the TEI-TJ300 and the Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile(ÇAKIR), there are also defense projects that started after the emergence of domestic engines. (See; Ramjet and Turbojet Engine Works for National Missiles Continue)

Kale ARGE's Turbojet Engine Projects

Kale ARGE, which set out with the aim of producing missile engines that appeal to the wide product range of companies such as ROKETSAN and TÜBİTAK SAGE, entered the sector with the KTJ-3200 Turbojet Engine. The company has started many new projects with the experience gained from this engine.

  • KTJ-1750 Turbojet Engine
  • KTJ-3200 Turbojet Engine
  • KTJ-3700 Turbojet Engine
  • ARAT Project


Kale KTJ-3200 Turbojet Engine

The KTJ-3200 Turbojet Engine, which will be used in many domestic missile systems, especially the SOM Cruise Missile and Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile, will replace the TR40 engines imported from France. Studies for the national missile engine KTJ-3200, which has 700lbf thrust, date back to 2012. The protocol for the supply of KTJ-3200 and its integration with SOM and Atmaca Cruise Missiles was signed during IDEF 2021. Deliveries are still ongoing.

It is stated in open sources that an engine named KTJ-4500, which is a more advanced version of KTJ-3200 and claimed to be used in GEZGİN Cruise Missile, was developed by Kale ARGE. However, last year, it was announced that the ARAT Project was launched for the development of the engine to be used in the GEZGİN Cruise Missile. It remains unclear whether KTJ-4500 is the old name of ARAT Project.

Kale KTJ-1750 Turbojet Engine

The KTJ-1750 Turbojet Engine will power the Çakır Missile Family developed by ROKETSAN. The qualification process of the KTJ-1750, which will allow the missile with a weight of 275 kg to have a range of over 150 km, will begin in 2022.

The Çakır Missile, which will be powered by the KTJ-1750, stands out with its modular design. The missile, which can be carried on land, sea and air platforms, can be used for many purposes. The mini cruise missile, which will have variants such as electronic warfare missile, cruise missile and anti-ship missile, can be equipped with a wide variety of seeker heads. (See Jet Engine UAV and UCAV Projects)

Kale KTJ-3700 Turbojet Engine

The KTJ-3700 Turbojet Engine, which was developed with the equity of Kale ARGE and whose tests will begin in the second quarter of 2022, has a weight of 50 kg. Able to operate at an altitude of 10 km, the KTJ-3700 will be able to fly its powered platform at speeds very close to the speed of sound (0.95 mach).

The engine, which consumes less fuel and has higher thrust compared to the KTJ-3200, will power the Kara(Land)-ATMACA Missile, which is heavier than the Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile.

The KTJ-3700 is to ensure KARA-ATAMACA to a range of at least 290 km. No official statement has been made about yet whether this engine will be fitted to other domestic missiles and how it will affect the missiles' range.


ARAT Project

One of the most important turbojet engine projects of Kale ARGE is undoubtedly the ARAT Project. The ARAT Project, which was launched with the aim of producing the GEZGİN engine, which will be Turkey's longest-range strategic cruise missile with various warheads, will end foreign dependency in this area.

ARAT will be the engine of the Gezgin deep strike missile system, which is project continues with great secrecy. Arat means death-bringer fish in Turkish mythology. (See Akbaba Missile)

Kale ARGE is known to work on turbofan engines as well as turbojet engine projects. These engines will allow the range increase exponentially of existing missiles.

TEI's Turbojet and Turbofan Engine Projects

Another one of our leading companies in aviation engines, together with Kale ARGE, is TEİ. Unlike Kale ARGE, TAI Engine Industries (TEI) carries out various turbofan and turbojet engine studies for both missiles and aircraft. In addition, the company has a wide product range with many piston and gas turbine engines. Here are some of the ongoing projects shared with open sources:

  • TEI-TJ35 Turbojet Engine
  • TEİ-TJ90 Turbojet Engine
  • TEI-TJ300 Turbojet Engine
  • TEI-TJ400 Turbojet Engine
  • TEI-TF6000 Turbofan Engine

TEİ-TJ35 and TEİ-TJ90 Turbojet Engines

R&D studies for the TEI-TJ35 Turbojet Engine started in 2004. The main purpose of the TEİ-TJ35, which is an extremely small engine and weak in thrust, is to gain an infrastructure. It provided TEI with the experience required for the production of more advanced engines.

Work on the TEI-TJ90 Turbojet Engine started in 2011 and the first flight test of the engine was carried out in 2013. The TEİ-TJ90 used in the Şimşek Target UAV has a continuous 90 lbf thrust.

TEI-TJ300 Turbojet Engine

Work on the TEI-TJ300 Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile Engine started in 2017. Developed with the support of TÜBİTAK, the engine will power ROKETSAN's Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile (OMGS).

Although the TEI-TJ300 Turbojet Engine is a small engine with a diameter of 224 mm, it broke the record of its class by producing 1,342 Newtons of thrust.

TEI-TJ400 Turbojet Engine

The TEI-TJ400 Turbojet Engine, about which no official statement has yet been made, is being developed by TUSAŞ Engine Industry and is expected to produce at least 1,800 N of thrust.

The existence of the engine was caused by mistakenly appearing on the computer screen during the start-up of the TEI-TJ300 engine.


TEI-TF6000 Turbofan Engine

One of the most important engine projects carried out within the body of TUSAŞ Engine Industry is TEİ-TF6000. The engine that TUSAŞ Motor Industry has been working on for 2 years can produce 6000 lbs of continuous thrust. With the afterburner, the engine's thrust goes up to 10,000 lbs.

TEİ-TF6000, which meets the thrust required by Bayraktar Kızılelma (MİUS - Combat Unmanned Aircraft System), an unmanned fighter aircraft developed by Baykar Teknoloji, is planned to be used within the scope of MIUS.

In addition, it is estimated that the TF6000 can also be used in the future, TISU/TIUS, a lambda-wing, stealth unmanned strategic bomber, which is included in TAI's UAV roadmap.

Turbofan engines, which are likely to be produced in the future and have higher thrust than the TF6000, ccould also power higher tonnage aircraft such as Hürjet's later blocks and MMU.

Domestic Turbofan Engine For MMU

One of the flagship projects of the Turkish defense and aviation industry is the production of a domestic turbofan engine in the National Combat Aircraft.

In this context, the evaluation process of various options continues. Work is underway to enable a domestic engine to be produced by TRMotor to power the MMU. It is also possible that the British Rolls Royce company and Kale ARGE partnership will produce the engine that will power the National Combat Aircraft. Apart from these possibilities, it is known that TUSAŞ Engine Industry has the capacity to undertake the turbofan engine development project.

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir announced that the call for proposal file (TÇD) for the engine of the National Combat Aircraft was published on July 1, 2022. Details about the turbofan engine to be used in the National Combat Aircraft will become clear in the near future.

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Apr 3, 2017
would be nice to see the list of Turboshafts ?
Only one, TEİ TS1400. The TEI TS3000 project canceled.

Because it was revealed that Ukrainian engines in 3000 HP class and already certified as navalize could be produced in Turkey.

Due to the urgency in turbofan engines (TEI TF6000 engine and MMU's engine), resources were directed to those projects.

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