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Tricked by police, Gill lands in custody of interrogators


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
PTI leader says SP lied on his bail petition's status; also complains he was forcibly given a shave, made to eat

An Islamabad court on Monday sent PTI leader Shehbaz Gill on a two-day physical remand after police officials guarding Gill at PIMS Hospital tricked him to believe that he was going to be released on bail.

The former prime minister’s chief of staff also told the court that police officials had forcibly shaved his beard and made him eat a banana.

On Monday, Gill was produced before the court of Judicial Magistrate Malik Aman, where he said that he had been on a hunger strike for three days.

The PTI leader – who was arrested on August 9 and faces sedition charges for inciting the personnel of armed forces to mutiny against their commanders – said that the Superintendent of Police (SP) falsely told him that he was being set free on bail and that the SP even showed him a screenshot on his phone.

“They then put me in a private vehicle to bring here,” he said.

The judge questioned Gill if he had allowed doctors to examine him, saying that the court cannot determine anything about Gill’s health on its own.

Gill said that on the previous night around 12 men stormed his room, pinned him down and forced him to eat a banana and drink juice.

Later in the same night, around 10 to 12 people restrained him with ropes and gave him a shave, Gill said adding that though he did not have mustaches in the past, the captors chose not to save his mustache.

Sources said Gill was indeed tricked by the officials and when he heard about his bail petition having been approved, he stood up and walked to the private vehicle. On the previous hearing, he refused to walk and used a wheelchair to appear before the court.

Covered in white sheet​

He was brought to court in a bulletproof car. The police covered his upper part with a white sheet of cloth in the premises of the court.

However, the sheet was removed soon and footage showed Gill walking towards the door of a court, where he learned from lawyers that his bail petition had not been approved.

After hearing Gill and the prosecution side the judge reserved the judgment on Gill’s remand.

The court later sent Gill on two-day physical remand originally granted by another lower court. The IHC had ruled earlier that Gill’s days at the hospital will not be counted to the remand period and the remand will begin only after Gill is handed over to police interrogators.

Earlier in the day, when the court first met it ordered police to produce Gill by around 12 pm.

Former premier Imran Khan’s chief of staff was represented by lawyers Babar Awan and Faisal Chauhdry.

Gill’s counsel requested the court to delay the hearing until 1pm, but the request was denied by the magistrate.

The judicial magistrate said he can’t keep the remand hearing hanging till 1 pm.

Earlier, doctors discharged him from PIMS hospital where he was being kept since Wednesday, August 17. Islamabad police moved him to the hospital after taking him into custody following an hours-long standoff with Punjab police.

PTI leaders claimed that Gills was subjected to torture by Islamabad police.

IGP Islamabad submits report​

Islamabad IGP on Monday submitted a report to the Islamabad High Court after conducting an initial inquiry.

The report said that there was not evidence that Gill was subject to physical or psychological torture.

It said the accused created a spectacle to hinder police investigation in the sedition case.

The report has also annexed a statement from Gill, who claimed that he was stripped down on the day of arrest.


Sep 8, 2009
ABU Graib (iraq), Torture folks, is happening in Pakistan by Islamabad Police

Torture is torture and not only that they have made movies and pictures and shared the picture of torture just like ABU Graib (iraq) scandal

This reporter Hamid mir is claiming he has visual evidence ?
How can there be visual evidence of Toture ???

The ABU Guraib guards were also doing same , taking pictures of Prisoners after torture

These folks are doing exactly that , Torture and then , sharing sensitive images


Feb 21, 2015
The same should be done to those responsible for this. Time to give them a message that they can be abducted like this anytime in the near future and taken to a secret location where brutal sodomy by gul khan of PTI awaits them.


Dec 14, 2008
United Kingdom
faces sedition charges for inciting the personnel of armed forces to mutiny against their commanders –
That is indeed serious if true and he should be made an example of. Undermining the armed forces should not be tolerated at all and violators should be given exemplary punishment. Pakistani politics is getting dirtier and they are crossing all lines, despicable.


Nov 20, 2016
What a despicable man is shabaz gill. First behave like desi macho then when authorities come after you, become sick, just like sharifs and zardaris.

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