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Tributes to Sabina Nessa at London vigil - BBC News


Jul 9, 2014
Concept of 'honor killing' or anything remotely associated with it does not exist in Bangladesh. Sexual fecundity beyond marriage by either men or women still a taboo in Bangladeshi society and often ostracized by family and society who engaged in it. But there is no tradition or believe system which advocate that killing such person will erase that shame or family need to kill that person to regain it's honor. This type of thinking is totally alien in Bangladesh and great majority of the people even do not aware that such thing happen in some part of the world. I myself who are well read person from childhood, learned this socalled 'honor killing' thing only in internet
I know Bangladesh is an evolved society in South Asia. I was talking about "pious" Muslim members in Britain, not probably of Bangladeshi-origin but desi nonetheless, taking it upon themselves to do this act because of their attitudes like how Hussain has on this thread - how Sabina possibly dating has brought shame to Muslims and must be duly punished and made an example of. That kind of thing.

Let's see if the man caught presently did it. Or someone else.

It could’ve been a honor killing hence he’s post regards her going on a date to a pub
UK Bangladeshis have past form for this as do British Indians & Pakistanis and is the first thing that crops up in peoples minds when a south Asian woman is murdered in the west
If you go through Hussain's posts you will see that he won't have minded supporting honor killing this woman. Go through his posts and the questions I and other members asked him.

It’s cultural all you fuckers are at it as you have no love for women , see amount of baby girls aborted and tossed away down the toilet like tissue paper in India
Millions yearly for just being the wrong sex
Search the forum. I am the first one to speak of female foeticide in India. Search for my posts about fetuses illegally aborted in Beed town and fed to stray dogs kept for the purpose of conveniently disposing of them.

Islam does not and has never condoned honor killings. Thats encouraged by shit hindus like you. I know your grandmother probably was put on the pyre of your grandfather.
I am a Muslim.
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Green disc

Feb 26, 2017
She was killed and has no way of defending herself now, she was going to the pub, why to meet a friend
Now, should she be going to the pub being a Muslim, no
Now next headline in the papers will be Muslim woman killed in honour killing for going to pub

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