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    Saturday November 15 2008 18:36:59 PM BDT

    By Shamsuddin Ahmed Khan

    Election for democracy,a popular claim

    Caretaker Governmentin a foul game.

    Fair-free election Just in name,

    Proud nation of ours is put to shame

    Economic catastrophe from this Government

    Clock backed decades view of the experts,

    Prices at rooftops,what they give,

    National traitors around can you forgive,

    Army-backed Government what a gift,

    Misery and torture have not limit.

    Moin-Fakhor both,a deadly parasite

    An emerging nation has to fight,

    Bangladesh to become an Indian satellite

    Mustn’t we fight with all our might?


    Institute brutalizing Unleashed at random

    No regard for fair-play, Nor freedom

    Black future ahead Where to end

    Uncertainty all around
    Who to depend

    Advisers in Government Grossly careless

    Whatever they do Infinitely reckless

    Who is in control No body knows

    Moin-U- steering The rest bows

    System in collapse No one concerned

    Aimless Government
    The people doomed