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Training of Rafale jets and Qatari pilots stationed at TAF Konya Air Base will continue until 2027


Mar 2, 2018

Konya training airspace has a width and length of more than 400 kilometers. In training exercises, with a realistic war environments, and in a scenario that goes from simple to difficult, with the advantage of high technology, it is carried out in a generic environment, and the quality of the training is measured in the computer environment.

With the agreement signed in 2021, 36 aircraft and 250 Qatari air force personnel were assigned to Konya airbase. The agreement is arranged for 5 years and has the right to be extended for 1 year without a parliamentary decree. Qatari fighter jets, which started training activities in the Turkish airspace first place, consist of 1 fleet Rafale and 1 fleet Mirage2000s. In the upcoming period, it is expected that the Qatar air force will be stationed temporarily in order to participate these training activities in Konya for its newly acquiring EF fleet, which training continues in UK at the moment.

BUT, some claims that these jets will be granted to TAF do not reflect the truth. Konya airbase is one of the most important NATO member country bases in the European continent in terms of the total value created by all these criteria, due to its technical facilities, training quality and especially the size of the airspace. While the ally and friendly state of Qatar continues a rapid air force modernization and expansion program, Turkiye demonstrates its infrastructure support in this regard. For Turkiye, biggest advantage of this cooperation has been the opportunity to analyze these aircraft in detail and to put them into trainings under some specific mission profiles.
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Apr 14, 2015
One expert said that Turkey could learn a lot from these exercises. Basically, he claimed that Turkish pilots are studying and learning to counter Greek jets in a real war environment. Is that true?

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