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Thunder Thriller From Another Angle !


May 20, 2021
A good video...

But, what's the point of these theatrics if they're not extensively used to destroy TTP/BLA/RAW/NDS etc. camps deep inside Afganistan??
One can not invade airspace of another country that easily. Muslim countries are already fighting each other due to successful foreign propaganda and controlling local human assets. We can't fall for it and do the same otherwise we legitimize what Israel is doing in Palestine and what India tried to do on 26th Feb. Things can have long lasting implications.

Load capacity and ferry range were increased because of wing strengthening and more internal fuel storage. The information you have is from block 1, really old stuff. Block 2 and block 2 B have had major changes, block 3 even more so.
Yea I knew there have been changes reported but latest official specs have never been published. The specs I have quoted are from PAC Kamra website. And as I stated my guess is PAF would release specs of block 2 once block 3 is out. They would probably be keeping specifications of the latest equipment secret. They should update the PAC kamra website once block 3 is inducted.
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